Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

Please feel free to share any links to queer or queer related topics of interest. You can post a blog entry you made, a website you found interesting. Anything goes as long as it is queer in nature.


CrackerLilo said...

I've written more serious posts this week, but this one's just serious fun and I like it. I meant to write it for a long time.

Click here for the oh-so-touching story of how my wife and I got each other into our sports and became closer in the process.

Jason said...

Come follow my Blog...

Words of wisdom from an unconventional point of view!

Anonymous said...

The Gay Community needs to educate them selves on Gay History! Not just what they hear about the Romans and Greeks, there’s more to it than just that.

Eunuchs were an important part of society in ancient times, and the Natural Eunuch is identified with the same mannerism of Gay people in modern times. Eunuch's of this period were classified as the "third-gender" and Eunuchs were not all castrated, there were natural born Eunuchs who had all their physical body parts, the only difference was that they lacked interest in women, and were classified as Eunuchs, as Gay's are classified as Homosexuals today.

Eunuch's are written all over the bible, and they are respected, there are times when they condemn sex, but that is when it's combined with religious acts, those day's were different. The Leviticus laws used to target homosexuals today, wasn't written for homosexuals, it was written for "straight" men who took passive roles with effeminate men or eunuchs. Cuz we all know that this is how straight men are today, the same way, and that is what it's condemning, not the homosexual.

The church created the closet by attacking these Eunuchs because they were a threat to the Church, so these people went into the closet. Eunuchs sided with Arian Christian's rather than Nicean Christian's, and the Church didn't like that, so they came up with a plan to remove these Eunuchs who had power or status.

I'm tired of hearing the Church or the Mormons say that Civil Marriage is "ordained by god," and I never hear our leaders dispute that.

The Church never adopted the practice of marriage until after the 8th century, and that's when they started saying it's "ordained by god." It's a civil practice for legal purposes, not religious, but the church took that practice just like they took many other ancient practices from the people and called it their own, like our holiday's which are ALL Pagan in nature, and come from Pagan practices or celebrations, as do the church saints.

It's only "ordained by god" in their particular religious faith. Our Civil Laws have nothing to do with Church doctrine or dogma, and belong to free citizens equally and that includes the Gay Community. No one has to use the word "god" in his or her marriage commitment ceremonies, and a justice of the peace or a friend can perform the commitment, church dogma not needed!

The Church and Mormons and any other religious fanatics are the ones who are trying to redefine marriage.

Our laws as I know it say that marriage is between two people, but they are redefining it to say between a man and a woman.

It's discrimination when people are denied a civil marriage agreement, it's always been discrimination and that's nothing new.

A church marriage is about sex, but civil marriage is about the legal rights of the couple who make that commitment.

More history:

Michael said...

how do we do that then ?

adamfoxie said...

To anonymous,
Why don't you come out and help us out. That was a very good written accurate piece.

Lyndon Evans said...

"Focus On The Rainbow" nominated for "Best Political Blog" at Best Gay Blogs.

Link to FOTR or click Lyndon Evans to go to "Focus On the Rainbow"

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