Saturday, December 26, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Amphigenic Invert"

An "amphigenic invert" is a term created by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud to indicate someone who is equally attracted to people of the same and opposite sex.


Anonymous said...

So basically that's a technical term for bisexual?

I understand that some bisexuals lean more towards the opposite sex and some more towards the same sex, though you can still call someone bisexual if they are attracted equally to the same and opposite sex, right?

Queers United said...

Yes it is a very clinical and Freudian term for bisexuals, and most bisexuals aren't 50/50 in their degree of attraction to both sexes but some are.

CrackerLilo said...

Yeah, I think I like "bisexual" better! So grateful Freud isn't the last word in psychiatry anymore!

@ presetyourjet: That's right. I'm 50/50 bi, but most bisexual people I know tilt one way or another overall. (Which doesn't mean that, for example, it's not real when a man who is 80 percent gay falls for a woman.)

Anonymous said...

Aargh, here it is again: the misconception that we bisexuals are a certain "percentage" gay and another "percentage" straight. No matter what our attraction is to whom, WE ARE 100% BI, PEOPLE! We are NOT gay, and we are NOT straight! Yes, I am using all caps, and I AM SHOUTING!

P.S. Freud was a misogynistic dick.

Anonymous said...

Freud wasnt a misogynistic dick. He was an indescriminate dick to all in equal measure.

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