Monday, June 28, 2010

Mike Huckabee Ties Marriage Equality to Gay Sexual Acts

Former Governor of Arkansas and Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee continues his attacks on the LGBT community. In referring to gay marriage the politician talked of the "ick factor" because the thought of two men or women having sex troubles him.

Huckabee has been called out for these and other outrageous remarks but continues to shrug them off. He insists that the LGBT community is hypocritical because one of our used the term "ick factor" and thinks if we can use it so can he. He also maintains that we want to "talk about the issues" at our convenience but not when the opposition brings them up.

Tell Mr. Huckabee discussion of marriage equality has nothing to do with gay sex his interest/or disinterest in it and his effort to tie the two together is irresponsible and down right icky.

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Miyamashi said...

I'm probably most amused by the fact that he spent half his time arguing over his use of the word "ick". That's not the issue here, Gov. Huckabee. The actual argument was over you saying that gay sex was icky and that's why you don't oppose gay marriage, a statement that makes you sound a bit like a child arguing against eating his vegetables.

Jay said...

Yes, let's just outlaw the vegetables that he doesn't like, and deny rights to other groups of people that make poor little Mr. Huckabee uncomfortable. Take some rights away from Mexicans and Blacks if he doesn't like them. Oh, and those other inconvenient people like single parents -- if he can't stand the thought of a child not having TWO parents then watch out!

Huckabee is a pathetic excuse for a human and fails as a leader.

Anonymous said...

If the issue is that people think the sex part is icky, then wouldn't his marriage be revoked too? Picture him having sex with anyone, and tell me you don't feel icky afterward.

And wtf does that have to do with the marriage part? He *does* know that gays are already having sex, doesn't he???

libhom said...

This is an example of why I refuse to consume any product from Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

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