Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Weekly Queer Roundup

This week certainly had a healthy dose of queerness, after all Google is celebrating LGBT pride, and you should too if you follow gay protocol. But even queerer than that is homophobic rapper Eminem coming out in support of gay marriage! So did Iceland which legalized gay marriage, and Minnesota might follow next! It's just a sign of the times for the radical right who blame oil spills on our lack of morals. Don't even get them started on the week after pill 'Ella' that give women more options over their bodies. Speaking of bodies, Grindr may be a thing of the past with the invention of AssFinder. Queerdom is hitting all over the place, Boston may be post-gay, the Feminist Hulk has come to town, and gays don't want any McMuffin's. That's a whole lotta queer, and we are loving it!

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libhom said...

Oil spills are result of bad morals. The bad morals are those of Big Oil and the politicians and pundits who enable them.

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