Sunday, December 26, 2010

Demand NJ Governor Sign Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has yet to sign or veto the anti-bullying bill which was passed in light of the recent suicides in the LGBT community. Christie an anti-gay politician is opposed to nearly all forms of gay rights legislation and promised to veto any marriage equality legislation under his leadership. He has yet to decide whether to sign the anti-bullying bill and maintains he is conflicted about the measure.

The bipartisan bill passed nearly unanimously in both chambers.

The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights would:

  • Require training for educators on bullying prevention.
  • Require school districts to have anti-bullying programs.
  • Provide the Department of Education with the tools it needs to help districts combat bullying.
  • Clarify investigation procedures and mandating investigation by school staff.
  • Require educators to report all bullying they learn of, on or off school grounds.
  • Require enhanced reporting to the public about how schools and districts are handling bullying and harassment. (Out In Jersey)
Governor Christie has had several weeks to review the legislation. It is time he protect the students of New Jersey and sign this bill into law.

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