Monday, October 6, 2008

Coldstone Creamery Connection to Donald & Susan Sutherland?

Donald & Susan Sutherland who started the ice cream chain Coldstone Creamery have donated $10,000 to prop 102 to
ban marriage in Arizona.

Now, people aren't quite sure if the founders are still tied in some way to the company either financially, or in some other capacity.

I don't want to jump to any conclusions by notifying readers to
boycott or protest Coldstone but doing some internet searching it
appears the connection between the Sutherlands and Coldstone may still
be alive.

In a segment on Oprah this year:

"O presents a lot of Cold Stone Creamery stats that will do nothing more than occupy more space in the section of our brains earmarked for "crap we'll never need to know." It started as a mom and pop shop in Tempe. At one point, the business was down to making $6 a day. The New York Times printed a story about them as a "favorite ice cream." Today, they are a $500 million business with over 1,400 stores.

But the most telling moment comes near the end of the segment when one of the owners, Susan Sutherland, makes ice cream treats for O and some other guests. But she unknowingly gives O's ice cream away. The tension is almost palpable as the MPWITU is clearly perturbed by this commoner's mistake."(A Guy's Guide to Oprah)
If Susan Sutherland is on Oprah and according to this article is an
"owner" the connection may still be alive and well? Thoughts for a
course of action, or any other sources to prove a possible connection?

Please stay tuned, I am sure we will get the low down, or is it down low on this shortly.


Vicki said...

Thus explains why we drove from Phoenix to San Deigo this past week to get married. Just say NO to 102

Paula Brooks said...

Ben and Jerry's is better anyway... and they are gay friendly.

Laurie said...

Oh give me a home where I can get a good
ice cream cone.....and it ain't made by
Donald & Susan Sutherland...Where I can be
free to marry my sweetie and the days will
be better for me...(sang REALLY off key to the
tune of 'oh give me a home') :D


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Donald Sutherland who is an actor and father of Keifer Sutherland. I am assuming not but would like a clarification .

Cold Stone Creamery said...

The Sutherlands founded Cold Stone Creamery in 1988. In May 2007, Cold Stone Creamery was acquired by Kahala and since that time the Sutherlands have not been involved in the financial side of the business. However, as the founders of a well-known ice cream brand, they are called upon from time to time to tell the history.

While Cold Stone Creamery does not involve itself in political matters, we can assure you that Cold Stone Creamery welcomes all ice cream lovers in our stores.

Queers United said...

Donald & Susan Sutherland are not related to the famous actor.

Cold Stone Creamery representative, I appreciate you commenting. If that is the case we have no issue with your company, but LGBT activists will ensure that what you say is truthful.

Queers United said...

On a sidenote, even if the Sutherlands are no longer financially affiliated with your company, the fact that they go out and "represent" your company does say something. I'd suggest publicly coming out against prop 102 and donating to defeat the amendment so that gay and lesbian consumers can be sure that Coldstone Creamery does not support the anti-gay measure.

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