Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Urge the APA to have More Trans-Affirming Representatives

GID Reform is urging professionals to contact the American Psychiatric Association. "There have been numerous criticisms in the professional literature and popular press that researchers and practitioners who are affirming of gender diversity and gender-variant people are under-represented in the current work group. It is essential that the APA recognize this limitation and open up the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group to include other professionals representing broader clinical and research perspectives. Therefore, we ask trans-affirming professionals and clinicians to write the APA with specific recommendations for nomination to the Sexual and GID Work Group and advisory committee."

DSM-V Contact Information for the American Psychiatric Association

Online E-suggestion form for APA

We suggest mailing two signed letters on your letterhead to the DSM-V Task Force and Work Group Chairs at the following addresses:

David J. Kupfer, M.D., Chair, DSM-V Task Force
and Darrel A. Regier, M.D.,Vice Chair, DSM-V Task Force
in care of William E. Narrow, M.D., Research Director, DSM-V Task Force
American Psychiatric Association
1000 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 1825
Arlington, VA 22209

Kenneth J. Zucker, Ph.D.,
Chair, Sexual and GID Work Group, DSM-V Task Force
Child, Youth and Family Program
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
250 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1R8



libhom said...

The APA already has hurt its reputation by collaborating with the Bush regime's torture activities. You'd think they would want to avoid harming their reputation further by choosing so many transphobic people to make recommendations on transgender people.

Anonymous said...

Interesting info... I admit I have been uninformed on how the DSM has handled trans issues. I better get caught up on this one!
Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Sending a letter to Zucker is like sending a letter to McCain.

He's weaseled his way into that position and I doubt he'll bother to hear doubts on his position.

Anonymous said...

Hell Zucker doesnt even recognize FtM's. He and the whole Bailey , Blanchard Lawernce crew can get stuffed as far as I am concerned. They only make it harder for us transfolk to exist in an already somewhat hostile world.

Their 'psychology' is more about them than it is about us, in my opinion.

Grrrr >:(

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed..Gay centric (aka 'LGBT') blogs rarely raise trans issues of importance, for fear of alienating their somewhat "focused" readership.

A mild start, and the sound of crickets here is deafening, but hey, when you are Just gay, transfolk are, well, kinda expendable, no?

I think we have all read the answer to that one in any "LGBToken" paper, haven't we?

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