Thursday, November 6, 2008

Join Courage Campaign "Conference Call" Tonight for Next Move on Marriage Equality

On Thursday, November 6, from 5-6 p.m. PT the Courage Campaign will host State Senator-elect Mark Leno, a leader in the fight for marriage equality and a progressive champion in the Legislature, and Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Council President as well as Barack Obama's California campaign co-chair for a unique discussion on where we
go from here, post-election.

During this "Courage Campaign Conversation," there will be an opportunity for participants to ask Eric Garcetti and
Mark Leno a question. Or, if you would like to increase the chances of your question being asked by the moderator, please submit your question in the form field below.

Space is limited, so please fill out the form below to RSVP ASAP. We will contact you via email immediately with the phone number and call-in information.


suburban dyke said...

Let’s fight back. Let’s boycott California wines, produce and travel. Let’s publicize it. Let’s embarrass them. It worked a few years ago in Colorado. What do say?

Anonymous said...

Yes on the boycott!
Lets hit them hard now that were in a recession. Diamond almonds farmers of River Bank, and Modesto (stanisclaus county)farmers and daries is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Boycott all Mormon businesses. We can't give money to the enemy. They declared war on us. Time to fight back.

Allan said...

I live in California. Do it. Boycott California. And Florida. And Arkansas. And Jamaica. Etc. Hate-filled spaces all, "we" need to be aware of to whom we are giving our money.

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