Monday, January 5, 2009

Gay Ally Al Franken Wins Senate Seat!

After a long and contested recount, one which the Coleman (R) campaign is going to continue to attempt to fight, the canvassing board will declare that Al Franken (D) has won the election for senate seat in Minnesota by a 225 vote lead.

Senator-elect Franken has long been an ardent supporter of same-sex marriage rights, and will likely usher in a new era of progressive politics within the senate.


Laurie said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!! A human in the senate!!!
WOOHOO!!!! Now, how do we clone him....


Lyndon said...

Honest To God, it took long enough didn't it. I didn't know they had retired Jewish folks in Minnesota.

Queers United said...

I didn't know Al Franken was Jewish but that's cool too, another barrier being broken in the midwest.

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