Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Get to Know me First" - Ad Campaign for LGBT Equality

In the wake of Proposition 8's passage in CA, a group of LGBT parents have come together to produce five 30-second commercials telling the stories of our families. These are the ads we never saw during the campaign, which had focus group data that steered them away from presenting the actual LGBT people.

The philosophy is, "If you are going to vote against me, get to know me first."

They are looking to diversify their ads, so if you are an African-American, Asian, or speak Spanish please get in touch with the campaign.

The folks must be CA residents, need not have kids, nor be married, although that is the preference. These couples can be mixed ethnicity and they are looking for geographic diversity (urban/rural). So far, most of our couples live in LA County. They would love some Northern and Central Californians. They would LOVE a family with grown kids who can comment on how marriage equality is good for kids.


Laurie said...

That was beautiful!!! People (no matter
who the are) need to know that families
come in all different shapes, sizes, colors
and genders :)


T. R Xands said...

That is another great campaign, I'm glad they're trying to diversify too...

Now I just wonder about the people that actually DO know gays & lesbians and are still against gay marriage, what their excuse is.

Renee said...

I have to think about this video. I support gay marriage but I find this to be a very problematic approach because of the people it does not represent and the image it is trying to force.

Anonymous said...

This approach is being used because many people have never been exposed to gay families. There are over 40,000 children being raised in California alone by same-sex parents. I am glad to see these images are giving you pause for thought.

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