Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Activism Had An Effect! Openly Gay Bishop Part of Inauguration!

Congratulations, Rev. Warren critics: You did it. Yesterday's announcement that Episcopal New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson would lead the opening invocation of the Inauguration is great news for the gay community, but more importantly, it's proof that vocal opposition to Rev. Warren had an effect.

An unnamed transition official claimed the appearance was planned all along, but of course, that's a lie.

If it were true, why would it not have been announced in tandem with or shortly after the announcement that Rev. Warren would lead the day-of invocation? Are we to believe that Mr. Political Strategy decided to hold off on the announcement for three weeks while he suffered blistering criticism (from us, among many others) for being completely tone deaf to the needs of the LGBT community? Are we to believe that Bishop Robinson's criticism of Warren's inclusion in the event was done while all along, he knew he was going to be invited.

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Scot said...

"An unnamed transition official claimed the appearance was planned all along, but of course, that's a lie."

I'm happy for this move, but have a hard time buying the official story. I guess I'm just glad it was an "unnamed transition official" then. I was kind of looking forward to more honesty from the executive branch :).

Queers United said...

I was thinking the same thing Scot. I hope the gay bishop gets a lot of publicity.

wordhorder said...

I am a HUGE fan of Gene Robinson. I am so excited, next Tuesday cannot come soon enough. In 2003 I promised to quit smoking when Bush was out of office. Next Tuesday, I will have my last cigarette in celebration of a new year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this news! I see it as a positive step! I have posted on the Rev. Warren Bishop Robinson thing... whether the two sort of cancel each other out, or if this is a winning move!

steve in seattle said...

Shows the importance of being our own advocates and speaking out against anyone that stands in our way and i mean ANYONE!

Dr. President said...

In what he described as a "unspeakable and indescribable honor," the first openly-gay Episcopal bishop in America has been invited to give an invocation at the kickoff event of President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural.

Speaking at Seattle Town Hall Monday night, Bishop V. Gene Robinson said: "President-elect Obama has invited me to give the invocation at the first opening inaugural event at the Lincoln Memorial." The crowd at Town Hall broke into a prolonged ovation and Robinson explained why the experience is humbling.

"To be there in Abraham's shadow and Barack's, I am still trying to get my heart and head around it."..

...Robinson was an early supporter of Obama's presidential campaign and talked about the president-elect warmly, despite his dissent on the Warren invocation.

"He's educable," Robinson said.

As the audience laughed, the bishop added: "What I mean about that is, he really appears to be a person who, when he asks a question, really listens."

Robinson said that he and Obama had time for long discussions during early stages of the New Hampshire Primary, "before things got rolling."


SacGary said...

Does that mean Warren is out and the Bishop in, or is the Bishop an addition to the ceremony?

Queers United said...

Sac he is an addition, he is part of the kick off for the inauguration.

John Pierce said...

Quintessential Obama...wait to see which way the wind is blowing before committing yourself. It held true all through his state senate career his brief US senate tenure.

Really folks, this is a booby prize in the face of an extremely insensitive decision.

Am I wrong to hold him to a higher standard, a self-imposed standard I might add?

I'm already underwhelmed but hoping for better.

Kevin said...

John Pierce, I think I'm probably more underwhelmed than you. I'm really not expecting much more out of this administration than the status quo with the guarded hope that there will be some sort of resolve to the financial crisis.

I am sick and tired of being thrown under the bus by Obama and other Democrats for the sake of political gain and expedience. I've called Obama a clown ever since he had "exgay" pastor and gospel singer, Donnie McClurkin campaigning for him. I don't have a problem with a person claiming to be an "exgay" for that is their own personal journey. I can even deal with idiots who say being gay is a choice. But when George W was running for re-election, based on his stand regarding gay marriage, Donnie McClurkin campaigned for him. He even went on the 700 Club and basically called for a war on the gay community because, in his words, he "was not trying to play with people trying to kill our children." YES, I have a MAJOR problem with that sort of rhetoric and people who tie themselves to folks who think and speak in that manner. Yes, I briefly allowed myself to jump on the HOPE/CHANGE Express but when Rick Warren got on, I got off and thought it better that I walk instead.

And for the record, I am a Black Gay Man and I cannot and will not attempt to seperate my Blackness, Gayness, or Maleness. I am the sum of all my parts so if one aspect of my life is being attacked, then I am under attack. Period. I can't, I don't and I won't compartmentalize.

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