Thursday, May 29, 2008

Clovis Superintendent Apologizes for Lesbian Couple's Photo's in Yearbook!

"Clovis Schools Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm on Tuesday apologized to parents and residents offended by the inclusion of lesbian couples in the 2008 high school yearbook.

She took full responsibility for not reinstating a policy that gives school officials oversight of the yearbook. She said the school will put in a policy providing more oversight on the yearbook next year."
(CNJ Online)

This is absurd that the school is trying to censor the yearbook and it is queerphobic that LGBT students would not be able to have their lives displayed.

Email Dr. Rhonda Seidenwurm the Superintendent of Clovis Municipal Schools District:


Queers United said...

Here is the response I got to my email:

"Thank you for your note. Please go to the Clovis News Journal Website and hear the actual audio of what I said in the board meeting. You will hear that I told our student editors that I was proud of them, and my apology was that we did not have adult sponsors in place who really talked to the kids in the photos about possible consequences for their decision to be in the yearbook. One young lady has already regretted the decision, and my apology was also to our high school principal that our policies have deprived him from the opportunity of visiting with the students to make sure that’s what they wanted to do. The fact that we were legal does not, in my opinion, make it right that we did not take extra care with our kids. Again, don’t take my word for it. The audio is on the CNJ website.
Rhonda Seidenwurm
Rhonda Seidenwurm, Ph.D.
Superintendent, Clovis Municipal Schools
505-769-4334 (FAX)"

Here is my reply:

Thank you for your prompt reply. My guess is the student who regrets her decision to be in the yearbook is based on the media attention that has been drawn to this. This should not be a big deal in 2008. There are millions of gay and lesbian students, does anyone check with heterosexual couples in the yearbook before or get an approval for their photos? Why must gay students be subject to a sort of litmus test by the administration?

Not Important said...

Wasn't this school in the news a few months ago for some nonsense? Or was this the same issue?

Queers United said...

Not sure gdad, there is so much nonsense in this world it is hard to keep track.

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