Monday, May 26, 2008

Equality Maine Needs Our Help!

Action Alert from Equality Maine:

"On Tuesday, June 10th, primary voters will be asked to sign a petition supporting a referendum that would strip basic protections from LGBT Mainers and their families.

Voters have every right to sign that petition. But we want them to know what they're really signing: a measure that would

* Erase all the non-discrimination protections we've fought so hard to win
* End funding for school civil rights teams, which have played a vital role in combating harassment of all kinds
* Prohibit unmarried couples from jointly adopting, a move that would threaten the best interest of children

We also want to offer a better choice for fair-minded Mainers to sign: a statement of support for equality for all people in this state.

Help EqualityMaine build a presence at hundreds of polling places around Maine. Volunteer with us on June 10th.

Because if enough voters sign that petition, we'll face another anti-equality referendum battle in November 2009.

Every hour you can give on primary day will make a difference. Email our field organizer, Matt Moonen, at by May 30 to sign up. He'll get back to you with more information about volunteer training and scheduling."

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Miss Vicki said...

folks w/too much time on their hands, geesh with all there is needed to do in this world,

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