Friday, May 9, 2008

Oppose Army ROTC at UMBC

According to the Baltimore Sun:

"Faculty and other members of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County community have started circulating an online petition to protest a proposed ROTC unit at the Catonsville campus, which could open this fall.

The petition says the Army's treatment of homosexual soldiers conflicts with the university's nondiscrimination policy, and also declares concern about "militarization" of the student body. Worchesky said the petition is "part of the joy of being at a university. Everyone gets to voice their opinion, and we listen to each other."

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Avory said...

I've had this post starred forever, anyway, I just wanted to pop in because I think it's kind of funny that this is a big issue. I'm a UMBC grad, and though I of course am strongly opposed to Don't Ask, Don't Tell, I do think it's funny that people are really up in arms about this. We had a lot of ROTC people, they just went to Hopkins to do their thing. I don't know that much would change. We had military recruiters anyway.

Queers United said...

Hey Judith,
Thanks for your comment. I think that students are more opposed to this on the basis of being anti-war as opposed to being angry about DADT. Perhaps you can flex some alumni muscle on the issue?

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