Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Keep up the Pressure on Jamaican Government

Prime Minister Bruce Golding of Jamaica has announced he would not allow gay people to be part of his cabinet. This is part of a continuing campaign by the Jamaican government to ostracize and endanger the lives of LGBT citizens. The hate crimes in Jamaica are staggering with several gay people murdered and beaten annually. There is rampant homophobia in the culture, throughout musical lyrics, and hate spewing from religious as well as political authorities.

Please contact government officials and tell them you will be boycotting Jamaican tourism and goods, and demand that they enact laws safeguarding their LGBT citizens.

The following link enables you to send an email to the Prime Minister, his cabinet, the Ministry of Tourism, and other important officials.

Click Here to Contact Government Officials!

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Anonymous said...

stay where u are dont go to jamaica u gonna get shot K

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