Monday, June 8, 2009

KRXQ Will Not Re-Broadast Until Trans Issue Settled

6/8/09: KRXQ's Rob, Arnie and Dawn show has released a statement after hundreds of emails, calls and 10+ major advertisers pulling their sponsorships of the station.

Their statement reads that they have "failed" their audience and that their words were "unacceptable". They will refrain from broadcasting again until Thursday, June 11th at 7:30 AM of which time they will address the issue with groups and audience members who have "educated" them.

Keep up the good job with emails, lets make sure that their apology and course of action to follow ensures a positive trek forward on behalf of transgender and gender variant youth.

6/2/09: In a lengthy May 28 tirade on the Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning radio show heard in Sacramento, California on KRXQ 98.5 FM and Reno, Nevada on KDOT 104.5 FM, hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States verbally attacked transgender children. While discussing a recent story about a transgender child in Omaha, Nebraska and her parents’ decision to support her transition, the two hosts spent more than 30 minutes explicitly promoting child abuse of and making cruel, dehumanizing and defamatory comments toward transgender children.

Among the comments made by the hosts:

ROB WILLIAMS [11:12]: This is a weird person who is demanding attention. And when it’s a child, all it takes is a hug, maybe some tough love or anything in between. When your little boy said, ‘Mommy, I want to walk around in a dress.’ You tell them no cause that’s not what boys do. But that’s not what we’re doing in this culture.

ARNIE STATES [13:27]: If my son, God forbid, if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes. I would throw a shoe at him. Because you know what? Boys don’t wear high heels. And in my house, they definitely don’t wear high heels.

ROB WILLIAMS [17:45]: Dawn, they are freaks. They are abnormal. Not because they’re girls trapped in boys bodies but because they have a mental disorder that needs to be somehow gotten out of them. That’s where therapy could help them.

ROB WILLIAMS [18:15]: Or because they were molested. You know a lot of times these transgenders were molested. And you need to work with them on that. The point is you don’t allow the behavior. You cure the cause!

ARNIE STATES [21:30]: You got a boy saying, ‘I wanna wear dresses.’ I’m going to look at him and go, ‘You know what? You’re a little idiot! You little dumbass! Look, you are a boy! Boys don’t wear dresses.’

ARNIE STATES [29:22]: You know, my favorite part about hearing these stories about the kids in high school, who the entire high school caters around, lets the boy wear the dress. I look forward to when they go out into society and society beats them down. And they end up in therapy.

Please contact KRXQ management in Sacramento, California, where the show is produced and demand that radio show hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States publicly apologize. Call on KRXQ to hold Williams and States accountable for their remarks and establish clear standards to ensure their media platform will not be used to condone or promote violence against any parts of the communities they serve.

John Geary
Vice President & General Manager
(916) 339-4209

Arnie States
On Air Personality
(916) 334-7777

Rob Williams
On Air Personality
(916) 334-7777

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Anonymous said...

This is disgusting! How is this allowed to go on in a world that is suppose to be tolerant!? It's sickening!

LV Freeman

Anonymous said...

I've sent off an email to all three of them! And reposted this to all area's I'm active in with other people

LV Freeman

Artista said...

Yeah things like this should not even be alowed to hit the air period. talking about even hitting his own child with a shoe!!

Anonymous said...

this sickened me like you have no idea.
personally, i am trans. i have never been molested, raped or abused in any way, shape or form. my mother is a wonderful parent.
being trans has nothing to do with having bad parents or a bad childhood or being abused -- it's something you're born as.
i look at it as my birth defect -- male brain, female anatomy.

i wish people could see that, instead of spewing hateful things and bullshit about something they don't even know the first thing about.

oh well, that's life for ya.

T. R Xands said...

Hold on everyone, the DJs were just "joking":

Yeah because putting human lives in danger is totally *hilarious*. Why is this always the best defense (either that or free speech)?

Anonymous said...

I wrote them a letter. Very cordial, respectful, etc. You know, everything they fail at.
Hopefully they reply -- I'll keep you updated. :)

Rebecca said...

They have a poll on the website and most of their listeners believe it was "taken out of context"
Uh Huh........

Anonymous said...

rebecca: i know. i got quite a laugh out of that one.

i really thank dawn though -- she stands her ground on her opinion of the LGBT community and has defended us.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't know what you're saying. This makes me sickend to be associated with the LGBT community. Let me assure you they were not in any way shape or form advocating violence toward children. Did you know that they have raised millions of dollars for the UC davis childrens fund??? they love children. and i think everyone jumping on this anti-RAD bandwagon knows this. just call a spade a spade: you can't tolerate an opinion so different from your own. i would think that the LGBT community of all people would be above this kind of facism. and for the record i absolutly disagree with their opinions on transgendered individuals...the comments in fact stirred rage inside me...just jesus tapdancing christ it's their right to have that opinion. and that;s the POINT of the show to reflect society and showcase the viewpoints that exsist. To add, I grew up bisexual in a very conservative town...the rob arnie and dawn show inspired me from the very beginning to believe in myself and find that strength from within. i may not agree with one word you are saying but i will defend to the death your right to say it. this is still america right?

Tanishia L. said...

I havn't even read the whole thing and im apalled!
Who would hit their child with a shoe? I wouldnt, unless it was pure joking around kind of thing... but to STRIKe your child who is transgendered or gay or what have you.. becuse they are doing something like trying on clothing or makeup... to FEEL LIKE THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE... is just so WORONG and sick... that will just cause more problems later on...

I will write these people an E-mail... they need to make a public apology to the child(ren) involved and the LGBTQ community at once!
-Tanishia L.

libhom said...

People always seem to be looking for some group of people to mistreat. It's so warped.

Unknown said...

a am courious, what can the three of them do to apoligize, have SRS on the internet for all to watch. I am sure that if they woke up tomorrow as a woman or man in one case. There would be panic in the old brick house.

What would the wives think, the husband? the neighbors or the kids, mom and dad.

Give them a choice, SRS or to forever apoligize when in 50 meters of a microphone.

One thing maybe. to give fund raisers for this 8 year old for her surgery, and for every T person who asks them to help, no excuses or outs.

They need to take real responcibility for all this damage.

Rev Pauline

Buffy said...


"Let me assure you they were not in any way shape or form advocating violence toward children."

Right. So what would you call Arnie stating he'd probably beat his own child with a shoe, and stating he looks forward to the day society "beats down" transgendered women? Stop pretending they're innocent. They may love children but they were clearly advocating violence toward transgender children.

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