Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'More Equal Union' - Music Album for LGBT Civil Rights

MORE EQUAL UNION is a concept music album about the LGBT civil rights movement in America and is available for purchase on iTunes.

The album follows the story of a gay family from when the couple first met to their tragic end as they react to the forces around them (The Story of Ethan and Jacob).

The songs feature a multitude of genres, including electronica, punk rock, folk, grunge rock, jazz, rap, soundtrack, ballads, pop and choral.

The songs cover various LGBT issues currently on the radar, including marriage equality, openly serving in the military, gay adoption, hate crimes, workplace discrimination and anti-gay bullying.

Proceeds from the album will be donated to Lambda Legal so that we can continue the fight towards LGBT civil rights everywhere in America.

Sean Chapin hopes to achieve a number of goals with his new album, including:

(1) sell over 10,000 copies of the album on iTunes,

(2) raise over $100,000 in sales to donate to Lambda Legal.

(3) change over 1,000,000 minds from fearing us to accepting us.

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