Monday, June 22, 2009

Tell NY Senate to Take Up Gay Marriage Vote!

Even in the midst of a power battle for for the New York senate between the Democrats and Republicans, Governor David Patterson has promised a vote before the legislative sessions ends. The governor can force discussion on the topic, but whether the bill comes to a vote is the decision of the senators themselves.

The senators below just want to vote on a tax bill and end the session without giving a fair chance for the marriage equality bill. It is essential to call them if you reside within their district.

Sen. Diane Savino (Staten Island, BK – Southwest): 518-455-2437
Sen. Daniel Squadron (Lower MH, BK – Northwest): 518-455-2625
Sen. Liz Krueger (Manhattan- UES): 518-455-2297
Sen. Eric Schneiderman (NW Manhattan): 518-455-2041
Sen. Jeff Klein ( Bronx, Lower Westchester): 518-455-3595

New Yorkers, be sure to email your state senator and let them know you demand a vote in the affirmative on marriage equality for same-sex couples, regardless of their previous stated position.

HRC has phone banks set up across New York State, email them now to help volunteer:

NYC: 111 W. 40th St. (@6th Ave.) 5th Floor from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. *Additional time can be provided if needed. To RSVP, please e-mail with your name, cell phone number and availability. Note: To clear security, all volunteers need valid ID and to be on the RSVP list.

Rochester: e-mail Jeremy at or call 617-669-4412

Syracuse: e-mail David at HRCSyracuse@gmail.comor call 301-651-8518

Westchester: e-mail Brendan at or call 914-420-3596


michael said...

the information here is incorrect these dem senators listed are all cosponsors of the marriage equality bill. They are on a committee to decided what bills will come to the floor. Sen Kruger wants to intermiggle the tax bills with the social justice bills and others. The REP want to vote only on the tax bills in one sessions and not show up for future session for other bills. calling these senators are good but make sure for the right reason. they are on our side.

Queers United said...

They are indeed co-sponsors but they have stated their interest in just voting on the tax bill and ending the session. If the bill would come up they would vote in favor. At this point we need to ensure they make the bill come up AND vote in the affirmative.

michael said...

I am sorry we don't want to piss off the senators that are our co sponsors by accussing them of the wrong motives Liz Kreuger wants the just the opposite she doesn't want the tax bills to be voted on in one session she wants the marrige bill to be interspurced with the tax bills so the rep will be forced to take a vote. Please read the Gay city news article Will Sen Pattersons bill help or hurt.... Or go to my blog to read the article. half way down Liz kruger quotes. This doesn't even make sense why would cosponsor want to jeapardize the marriage equality bill.

Queers United said...

This is what being reported on towleroad and Joe My God. At this point regardless of what the truth is, it is essential to contact them and urge them to support bringing up and voting for the bill anyways.

CrackerLilo said...

I'm calling and e-mailing, but I'm hoping that Paterson's attempt to force the issue doesn't backfire. I'm not certain we have the votes. I mean, if it doesn't happen, we tried, and it's not lethal. It can come up again. It's just that I don't see it ending well this year.

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