Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fox News Show Red Eye Bashes Pre-Op MTF Boxer

The Fox News show Red Eye hosted by Greg Gutfeld continues to air transphobic remarks at the expense of various transgender people in the public spotlight, now focusing his attention on a boxer who will transition from male to female. We first called Mr Gutfeld out for his outrageous transphobic and horrific remarks about the "Pregnant Man" FTM, Thomas Beatie. He also spewed out offensive remarks against openly gay congressman Barney Frank.

His attention has now turned to British professional boxer Rob Newbiggen who will undergo sex re-assignment surgery. To report on and discuss the controversial and sensitive topic of transgender athletes competing against their newly assigned sex is one thing but Mr. Gutfeld takes it further.

Mr. Gutfeld not respecting the gender identity of the athlete continues to reference them as "he". Mr. Gutfeld also goes on to joke about the athletes desire to model as saying "you go girl, or boy, or whatever" which mocks not only trans modeling but also continues to disrespect gender identification.

One of the guests on the panel jokes about him fighting and losing to another contestant and that "he will probably go back and want to be a man."

But most offensive is the fact that Mr. Gutfeld questions whether this is a "PR stunt" which they laugh about and say "no man would do that, and of course you lose your friends"

It ends with the suggestion by another panelist for a new show called "Million Dollar Tranny"

As always some will say that we are being too sensitive and looking to pick a fight while not understanding the true nature of this 'intelligent comedy'. There is a fine line between funny and offensive when it comes to comedy, and the line has clearly been crossed in this case and in multiple other situations as evidenced by the links above.

Please contact Red Eye and tell them how you will boycott their transphobic program:

Email: redeye@foxnews.com

Phone Fox News: 1-888-369-4762


Len said...

Uggghhh! The only thing worse than right-wingers bloviating in earnest is when they think they are being funny...

Unknown said...

I am upset that the GAY, as I will refer to the F** in pink, made some of the most Anti-Transgender remarks. At first I thought SHE (yes, I went there) was going to say something positive about the transition when he mentioned that the boxer's father pushed "him" into boxing because of "his" feminine behavior... but went on to make those transphobic remarks. Severely disappointed.

Lori D said...

I'm not surprised. Thanks for pointing out this blatant transphobia. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

i agree that the f-g in the pink is an asshole (no pun intended.) Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!!!

Queers United said...

While I am deeply disturbed that a member of the community puts up with and engages in this crap, using the F word against him in my opinion is wrong and just as harmful since it is in a negative context. If you wanna reclaim the word fag I think it should only be used in a positive and embracing way.

Unknown said...

Fag is never going to be ours. Stop trying to "take it back." The black community was unsuccessful, what makes you think we can do it seeing as though we're lower than blacks on the societal totem pole? It's not helping to refer to him as the "fag in pink."

Unknown said...

Fox news is going to continue to air things like this as long as there's an audience for it. Shoot yourself in the face right now if you think the audience is going to disappear. They're not going anywhere and Fox is and will always be that annoying misogynistic fat kid from HS who thought being rude is funny that you just have to ignore. They have no shame and their moral lines can be blurred easily depending on how it affects them personally.

Robert said...

Um... what about the blatant "all blacks look alike" racism from the female on the panel, when she says "I think he needs to fight Tatiana Ali...", when she clearly means Laila Ali, the daughter of Muhammed Ali, and NOT the actor who played the younger daughter on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"...?
The ignorance just seems to grow the more these idiots are allowed to speak: transphobia and racism served up while making Americans look even more stupid than the rest of the world already think...

Anonymous said...

LOL this blog is so funny Glad to know that liberals watch FOX too I guess that's why they are Number 1!!!
James "misogynistic"
len "bloviating"

You watch Bill too huh? lol
God Bless America and FOx news channel

Queers United said...

This is not a liberal nor a conservative blog, it is a blog for equality for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, and asexual people. Most of us don't watch these programs, but do call them out on bigoted programming.

TRiG said...

What's worked before to get bigots off the air is to target the advertisers. If enough companies pull their ads from this chap's show, he'll disapear.


Ronda said...

It's just a comedy program that goes for cheap jokes. It's actually rather funny at times. Not worth getting angry over though, IMO. I think what is said during their news programs is much more important to look out for.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how "breeders" can have so much power over the freaks of nature occupying the lower segments of the genome totem pole.

"Misogynistic fat fags"?!!!

Oh god, ya just can't make this crap up!
Stew in your own cesspools of male smeg, freaks.

Transphobia indeed!

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