Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Grassroots HRC Campaign 'No Excuses'

The Human Rights Campaign has begun their 'No Excuses' grassroots campaign to demand equality on a face to face basis with our representatives. Activists will meet with their lawmakers during the summer recess when politicians are at home in their districts.

Schedule your meeting with your representative and get the resources and tools necessary to ensure their vote on behalf of LGBT equality.


Anonymous said...

sorry but I have eliminated all contact with HRC.
I have stopped my monthly donations.
I refuse to support a company that constantly and urgently begs me to hurry up and donate, then when I do, they say shut up and wait.
they are pushing for a delay for bringing prop 8 back to a peoples vote until 2012.
After I e-mailed them to tell them to STOP my monthly donations, THAT SAME day they withdrew another donation from my bank account before I could stop them. When I complained - I was told..well then get a lawyer, but we have lawyers too. disgusting group!
since last week I have already got 14 neighbors and friends to cancel their memberships, and I have only just begun, This week I am going out in the neighborhood to get people to stop supporting them. I was treated by this "gay friendly" company as a piece of trash.
I have also quit the courage campaign that has also said shut up and wait.

GrrrlRomeo said...

I'm glad that due to the reach and visibility of HRC more people will be signing up to meet with their legislators. But I'm rather dismayed that they copied the efforts of smaller grassroots campaigns without talking to them or giving credit.

Look, it's an exact copy of the Inclusive ENDA campaign: on Facebook

And the "No Excuses" sounds like it was lifted off of the "No Delay. No Excuses"

And these folks aren't asking for donations.

Anonymous said...

The HRC executives and staff are only dedicated to keeping THEIR jobs ... they gave up on gay equality a long time ago. Now they just ask for our money and for us to be quiet and patient. And if I remember correctly isn't the new head of the HRC a Republican ... doesn't that sound oddly
anti-gay to anyone else ? ... I mean we all know how effective the Log Cabin gays have been.

Queers United said...

I am not particularly pleased with HRC's tactics, but it would be better spent using your time fighting for gay equality for another organization or on your own rather than divert money from HRC. All the infighting will result in more of the same.

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