Saturday, August 1, 2009

No On 1 - Protect Maine Equality!

Maine residents will vote on proposition 1 which determines the fate of the marriage equality bill passed by the legislature earlier this year. The Maine Freedom to Marry coalition is out in full force to protect equality for all families and come November 4th it is pertinent to vote NO on prop 1.

It's not enough to just vote, the anti-gay side is out in full force collecting signatures, money, and spreading lies about same-sex couples. We must counter this misinformation and ensure that Maine prop 1 does not repeat the mistakes of California's prop 8 which ultimately eliminated same-sex marriage rights.

Find your county to get involved locally in changing hearts and minds.

Out of Staters can also get involved in fighting prop 1.

Donate any spare change to Maine Freedom to Marry so they can ensure equality remains the law.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I completely support you! I'm hetro but don't understand why it's okay to be married and beaten (that's okay by Republican standards -- hell, let's get raped by kbr) rather than actually love someone and be happy.
Always on your side, intelligent, can think for herself, not sheep,

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican, I voted no, and I take serious offense to that. Not all Republicans are evil, and it's obvious that there's ignorance on both sides. Don't encourage it by making asanine comments.


Anonymous said...

Agree with anonymous -

Not a "party" - line issue.
I support equal marriage too, and am a libertarian conservative.
Good lcuk on election day, from the signs on lawns it looks like love will win the day.

Anonymous said...

It's best if these things are decided at the state level. I don't necessarily agree with the cause, but if the people decide at the state level, so be it. Actually as I see it marriage is something that really shouldn't even be regulated by the government, so to that end what two people call themselves is their own business.

Chris Hough said...

We are all counting on Maine to do the right thing today. I am confident that a well educated state such as this will stand together and vote with their hearts and minds. This isn't California, you're not confused by bully pullpits. I love Maine, and I know the people there are good, educated, solid citizens who want to do the right thing.

Thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

Why is it best to decide this at the state level? Why not allow states to legalize racism at the "state level"? The "state level" argument makes no sense when determining rights issues. Strange that many of the same people who argue for "less government" and "less regulation" about some issues (banking industry, air pollution restrictions for example) argue for more intervention on issues important to them (gay rights, abortion, etc)

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