Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alan Turing Petitions Gaining Worldwide Attention

Worldwide attention has grown on a petition to the British Government demanding an apology for the treatment of gay computer scientist Alan Turing who cracked the Nazi enigma code. Turing was subject to chemical castration for being guilty of homosexuality, and ultimately took his life due to humiliation and shame that was subject upon him.

Over 26,000 British people have signed the British petition to Downing Street demanding a public apology by the government. A similar worldwide petition has been created to show support numbering close to 10,000.


planet trans said...

Thank you for posting the world petition becuse I was unable to sign the British petition.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all those British citizens who signed John Graham-Cumming's petition, and to the concerned citizens worldwide who signed Cameron Buckner's and my petitions. We have raised consciousness about GLBT persecution on an international level.

--Daniel R. Pratt

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