Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Double Standard on Adam Lambert's Display of Sexuality

On ABC's The View American Idol runner up singer Adam Lambert's display at the American Music Award's was the subject of heated discussion. Typically, more conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes issue with Lambert's "sexual aggression" and Sherri Sheperd says "she wasn't pleased" with the AMA "lesbian kiss" between Madonna and Britney Spears either.

There is no doubt that Adam Lambert wanted to be edgy by appearing on stage with a man on a leash, receiving mock oral sex, and making out with a man on live TV but he is being singled out by some in the media for this behavior. The reaction is testament to the fact that Americans are still very uncomfortable with overt sexuality and non-heteronormative behavior being displayed.

Tell Hasselbeck and Sheperd not to single out Adam Lambert or gay behavior in general, he didn't do anything wrong, he is an artist, and many heterosexuals have been equally if not more overt about their sexuality, but weren't singled out because heterosexuality is the norm in our society.

Contact Hasselbeck on twitter.

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Shawn Landis, Philadelphia Asexual Examiner said...

You know, I have a problem with what he did here. It's the time slot and venue chosen that causes the problem, not the act itself. This is something that should have been left in the bedroom or at least to late night Cinemax.

Kiss his boyfriend? Sure, if he wants. Bondage routines and mock oral sex are not allowed on most primetime television shows.

Tim and Louie said...

Come on people support your man!

Call ABC and say you loved his performance, state your name and state. Push Adam over the top! Cancel out the haters calls!

Please call 818-460-7477

As each prompt begins Press:

1 for Audience Info
Then 2 for Comments
Then 5 for ABC Specials
Then 368 for ABC Entertainment

You will then have 30 seconds to leave a positive and supportive message!

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