Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day Endorsements

Today is election day and it is vital that the LGBT community and allies get out to the polls to vote for progressive and equality minded candidates for our local districts throughout the country.

There are also some key races and ballots for consideration today that effect the LGBT community and this blog is endorsing some candidates and positions.

*Election day recommendations are always based on the LGBT record of the candidate and not on the basis of their political affiliation.


Vote NO on question 1 to protect marriage equality.


Vote YES on Referendum 71 to protect domestic partnerships.


Kalamazoo vote YES on ordinance 1856 to protect anti-discrimination laws on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

New Jersey

Vote for Governor Jon Corzine (D) a marriage equality proponent, his opponent is opposed to marriage equality and uses it as a campaign scare tactic.


Vote for Creigh Deeds(D) who voted against a marriage amendment, his opponent is fiercely anti LGBT equality.

New York (District 23)

Vote for Bill Owens (D) who supports civil unions, his opponent is fiercely anti LGBT equality.


Houston vote for Annise Parker (D) to be first openly lesbian mayor.

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Ahuv said...

Geez, such an important day. Dont get your head down if we lose in Maine. Love will conquer Hate in the end. Just a question of time. All the best, Vince (@lianghh on Twitter)

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