Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joy To The World!

Joy Behar is a comedian, writer, actress, and commentator. She has been a co-host on ABC's The View and recently got her own show on HLN called The Joy Behar Show. Behar has been a friendly, smart and outspoken voice for the LGBT community over the years, always standing up for us. Her new show has not been on the air long but is being called a "gay show" by some because so many of her segments include or discuss LGBT people or issues.

Whether it's discussing marriage equality, the movie MILK, or speaking with openly queer people, Joy Behar has been a remarkable straight ally to the LGBT community.

Please thank her for her commitment to discussing and supporting LGBT issues.

Contact Joy Behar on twitter.

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Anonymous said...

Your my hero! Thank you for all you do for humanity, not just gay people. You are a refreshing voice of reason.

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