Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sky West Airlines Accused of Discrimination by Gay Employee

Gilbert Caldwell an employee of SkyWest airlines, is claiming the company is treating him and his legally wed partner differently than other married employees.

SkyWest refuses to give them the same employee benefits that his straight married coworkers enjoy. Caldwell is forced to pay a fare for his spouse under the "companion" program for friends, even though his straight married coworkers are allowed to have their spouses fly for free.

SkyWest claims to be an "equal opportunity employer"; however their diversity statement on their website only covers race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. There is no mention of sexual orientation
Mr. Caldwell and his partner have been together for 34 years and were legally married in the state of California. Even though proposition 8 bans same-sex marriage in California, the Supreme Court has upheld the existing 18,000 same-sex marriages that have already taken place.

Tell SkyWest that gay couples should be treated no differently, and that their practice and non-discrimination policy must reflect that. Let them know that their continued denial of benefits is not only socially irresponsible and ethically wrong, but also bad for business.

SkyWest Airlines
444 South River Road
St. George, Utah 84790
Ph. (435) 634-3000
Fax: (435) 634-3105

E-contact for Corporate Office.

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Anonymous said...

This is just another example as to why this issue has to be resolved at the federal level. Once our federal government recognizes same sex marriages as having the same civil rights as all other marriages, companies like this will comply more readily. This is a civil rights issue. The LGBT community is being discriminated against in hundreds of different ways in social situations, work situations, legal situations, spiritual situations, you name it. Once the people at the top level the playing ground, this is a matter that could take another hundred years to resolve. You can write to Sky West and encourage them to do the right thing. But you can also write to your congressmen,report this case of discrimination, and ask that it be brought to the people who make the laws in this country.

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