Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheers Queers - Happy New Year!

May you all have a fun and safe time tonight wherever and however you choose to celerate the New Year. Let's move forward into 2010 more energized and ready to live, love, and thrive as openly queer people and allies.

What are your plans for New Year's and more importantly what are your queer resolutions for the the upcoming year?


David Elijah Nahmod said...

I'm so embarrased~~I'm spending New Year's Eve watching The Young & the Restless on Soap Net~~

But I do appreciate Queers United. Other sites pontificate about equality & diversity, Queers United really practices it.
Thank you for that, and for letting me rant on my soap box every now & again.

Happy New Year to All!

CrackerLilo said...

Happy New Year to all y'all!!! Last night, I danced and bowled at the Brooklyn Bowl, where Q-Tip from a Tribe Called Quest, among others, DJ'd. I'm hurting in muscles I never knew I had, but it hurts so good! Today I'm watching the Winter Classic (outdoor NHL game) with my wife and hanging around the house.

Also, last night was our wedding anniversary! It was hilarious, because my best friend kept trying to get us free stuff and special priveleges at Brooklyn Bowl on account of it. (We did get a free soda apiece.) L'Ailee joked, "Look at the party they're having for us!"

I don't do resolutions, but I want to be more of an activist again this year. In the past couple years, I've gotten pretty slack.

Anonymous said...

At one time, I simply identified as a strong ally. Now, I'm coming to more fully grasp my place on the queer spectrum. So this year I resolve to figure out how to articulate this to all of my family and friends.

Anonymous said...

I've always been socio-politically aware, but would like to become more visible in my activism this year. (First action: writing my "Love Takes Over" letter to my local paper.)

Thanks to Queers United for everything you do and the example you set.
Happy New Year!

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