Saturday, March 13, 2010

Demand that Lesbian Student be Allowed to go to Prom

Constance McMillen a lesbian high school student in the Itawamba County School District of Fulton Mississippi is forbidden from wearing a tux and attending prom with her girlfriend. After the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue the school for discrimination on the students behalf, the school canceled the prom completely.

Below is a cute video from Lizzy the Lezzy describing the situation:

This story has gained national attention and prompted discussion on LGBT youth rights. Please contact the superintendent and school board members and demand they hold the prom for all students regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Teresa McNeece
(662) 862-2159 Ext. 14

Board members:
Trae Wiygul
(662) 862-3104

Eddie Hood

Jackie Nichols

Harold Martin

Clara Brown

Tony Wallace


Queers United said...

I am really proud of this young woman for being so bold and brave and taking a stand against her school. She even has to deal with pressure from students accusing her of ruining their senior year. She really is my hero this week!

Anonymous said...

You go Girl !! We're behind you 1,000%

Anonymous said...

In my head this is a John Hughes film and the kids go out to the campus with signs that read, "When you discriminate against one of us, you discriminate against all of us." And hold those signs up to the school board members- who ultimately get sued and fired for bigotry.

Anonymous said...

FYI: 3 of the e-mail addresses above resulted in a "Delivery Status Notification (Failure) message. The "allstate" one and the two ending in "us."

Queers United said...

Anonymous what constitutes mans clothes? Many professional women wear tuxedos. Women used to only wear skirts and now wear jeans too, are these a mans clothing item? When Scottish men wear a kilt which is a skirt, is that a women's items? She should wear whatever she likes.

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