Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tell Life & Style That Focus on the Family Aren't "Experts" in Raising Children

Life & Style a magazine for celebrity news, fashion, beauty trends, and gossip is coming under fire from LGBT activists. The magazine discusses the gender presentation of Shiloh the child of celebrities Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The magazine posts the headline "Why is Angelina Turning Shiloh into a Boy!?" and questions whether it is "harming the three year old?"

"The article cites several so-called "experts," like Glenn Stanton from the virulently anti-gay Focus on the Family who says: "They need help, they need guidance of what that looks like. It's important to teach our children that gender distinction is very healthy" (GLAAD).

Tell Life & Style that Focus on the Family aren't 'experts' in raising children and that targeting children for ridicule about the way they dress is unacceptable, regardless of their parent's celebrity status.


Dan Wakeford, Life & Style: Editor-in-Chief

Lindsey Ferraro, Life & Style: Publicity Manager
(201) 569-6699

Sarah Drabick
Life & Style: Associate Publicist

The headquarters for Bauer Publishing (which includes an Entertainment Division that is the home of Life & Style and InTouch) is:

270 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Tel: (201) 569-6699
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Anonymous said...

I hope Branagelina come out in full force and show the power they have to protect their own. It is one thing to attack the adults who spend so much time marketing themselves. To attack their children with words of hateful taunts you hear from 8 year olds is despicable. We are going to cancel our subscription at our shop.

CrackerLilo said...

If you Google it or look at sites that watch the right wing in general (like Talk2Action), you'll find some scary, scary stuff that Focus on the Family and James Dobson (founder, and child psychologist by trade) advocate. Dobson bragged about beating his dog as a metaphor for how you should treat your stubborn child. I can't believe Life and Style went to them, but I also can't believe the initial premise of the article. Probably the kid got gum in her hair or something, and her mom dressed her for cold weather, so suddenly she's being "turned into a boy"? Perhaps this is just Shiloh's preference at the moment, too. (Focus on the Family's "experts" would tell you not to give in to those and squeeze that child into their mold no matter what.) Anyway, thanks for this.

Diane J Standiford said...

Are you, well, THEY, f-ing kidding me? What the ell is wrong with str8 christian Godly-know it alls?? It is so ridiculous. I am not one to not take even stupid ideas seriously if I believe there is power of agenda behind them, as there is in this case---but COME ON. One good thing, I know A and B will not blink an eye at such dung and it I think most people will just see FOF for what they are. AaaalunaticsCHOO!

libhom said...

Thanks for posting this. I've emailed the bigots.

Kitchen Sinks said...

Thanks For the post......i am agree with you.....great share

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