Saturday, March 13, 2010

J. Crew Store Being Protested by Transgender Groups

Transgender activists and allies plan to demonstrate at a New York City J. Crew store over their accusation that the store is not hiring trans employees. Organizers have filed a complaint with the Attorney General and plan to raise awareness through their demonstration.

Through a report called 'Transgender Need Not Apply: A Report on Gender Identity Job Discrimination'...

"Researchers have identified J. Crew as a violator of the New York City Human Rights Law. When equally qualified job applicants applied for positions at J Crew, non-transgender applicants were consistently hired over transgender applicants, the study found"(SDGLN).
Activists will demand that the store include gender identity/expression as part of its non-discrimination policy and train employees about these practices.

The rally and news conference will be at 1:15 p.m. Sunday, March 14, in front of the J. Crew store, 91 Fifth Ave., between 16th and 17th streets.

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pauline 2 said...

How many trans people applied?

The company that I transitioned at had only one before me and they were a janitor who worked nites. I was in sales.

It worked out well for both of us, but that was 1990.

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