Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ensure Sexual Orientation is NOT a Factor in Vetting Supreme Court Nominee

President Obama is tasked with choosing his second Supreme Court nominee, this time replacing Justice John Stevens. The court pick is always contentious because both sides of the political spectrum worry about the ideological positions of the nominee. The far right is pressuring Obama not to choose any potential judge who may be LGBT, they believe that queer sexual orientation should disqualify a potential candidate.

Sign the petition urging Obama to make sure sexual orientation is not a factor in his decision pick for the Supreme Court.


Nox said...

I think I disagree. There is a wealth of legal experience that could be brought to the supreme court by someone that is LGBT. Asking the president to discount that kind of personal and professional experience removes a swath of experience that could be a large part of a potential candidate's value to the bench. That should not be the deciding factor, but neither should it be discounted or ignored.

Queers United said...

Nox I agree with you but at this point in time, politicians will only consider an LGBT judge to be a dilemma and not an asset. The campaign is to make sure he doesn't cave to rightwing pressures not to nominate someone like Elena Kagan who is rumored to be a lesbian simply on the basis of her actual or perceived orientation.

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