Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photo Campaign to "End Hate"

Mike Gets Real the website of reality TV star gone bisexual activist Mike Manning has started a new photo campaign to create awareness and raise money for equal rights. The premise of the campaign is that people will pose with a sign that says why they are committed to ending hate. Manning encourages people to post those photos in public media such as Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to the campaign.

Manning defends photo campaigning as an effective advocacy tool by saying:

"Photo campaigns are easy and effective because you don't have to be an expert on the issues, or to speak in front of hundreds of people to make a difference" (MGR).
How you can get involved:

1. Individual End Hate Shoots around the country (by anyone)

2. Pictures sent in from Actors, Politicians, Public Figures, anyone that wants to get involved. Collected on Facebook group “People 2 End Hate” and/or sent to

3. All photos and stories compiled into a viral YouTube video campaign and distributed all over

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