Monday, November 3, 2008

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Comes Out Against Prop 8

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Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi is a dip-shit. Heaven forbid if Barry and Biden go down in a plane crash and that asshole becomes the POWERFUL ONE. This election has proven on thing to this 63 year old man that has done nothing but respect this country and contribute to it, not taken from it. I have drawn one payment of $150.00 unemployment in my 45 year career. If I had known that we Americans would become passive and uncaring about who comes into this country I would have taken more because I was entitled to it. Not like the illegals or legals that come to this country now. We need to close the borders to everyone. That used to work. On Jan. 20th I won't have a president. I'll wait the four years hoping I have been wrong because I'm not a racist I just fear for the welfare of this country because we have given up too much.
Very Concerned

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