Monday, November 3, 2008

Stop Deportation of Iranian Lesbian Pegah Emambakhsh

Pegah Emambakhsh is an Iranian lesbian currently being threatened by the British government with deportation to her homeland. In Iran 4,000+ homosexuals have been murdered. Pegah is in danger of torture and possibly stoning due to her sexual orientation.

Pegah says:

"If the British government could prove to me that I would be safe in Iran and to be able to lead a normal life and to be myself I would be very happy to go back to Iran. I had to leave my old father, my ill mother and young sister. I have two lovely children which their father took away from me. I had to give this all up because my life was at risk. At the moment I am safe because I am in England but my life is very difficult. I miss my family and more than anything I am worried all the time that the police will suddenly arrest me and send me back."
Please demand the British government grant her and other LGBT people whose lives are in danger asylum within their borders.

(Please note Pegah's Home Office reference number: B1191057)
Click here to email government officials

Please also sign the petition below.


Laurie said...

I wish I could grant her asylum. I would
in a heart beat....


Renee said...

what more proof do they need that if she goes back that her life is in danger. They are returning her to a country that pushes gay people to have sex change operations so that they can claim that there are no gay people living there.
I hope that she is able to stay in England or a least find some country where she can lead a safe life. My heart breaks every time I hear stories like this.

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