Monday, November 3, 2008

This is Not Win, Lose, or Draw!

The fate of marriage equality in California rests squarely in the hands of voters. We will either come out tomorrow preserving rights and benefits for all our families, or we will write discrimination into the state constitution.

Exit polls show the majority of Californians oppose prop 8:

"A new Field Poll shows Proposition 8, one of the most closely watched state ballot measures in years, is supported by 44 percent of likely voters. Forty-nine percent oppose it, and 7 percent are undecided."(Sacbee)
However, according to early voting statistics prop 8 is currently leading:
"Nearly half of all voters are voting early or by mail, and they narrowly favor Proposition 8 by a three-point margin, according to the poll. Among the 22 percent of respondents who have already voted, the yes side was leading by six points."
We must speak up, and spread the word to GET OUT THE VOTE! Please urge your friends and family to vote NO on prop 8 and to bring people with them to the polls.


Wonder Man said...

I agree, this is so big in our lives. It's scary to think about our future and the ability to marry

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray for all the LGBT community we WIN this one!!!!

Jennifer said...

I hope things came out ok. It's not right to discriminate against ANYONE~


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