Monday, November 3, 2008

Senator McConnell - Do You Have Any Skeletons in Your CLOSET?

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has a notoriously anti-gay voting record. Senator McConell scores a 0% percent from the Human Rights Campaign on LGBT issues. He has consistently voted for a same-sex marriage ban, against adding sexual orientation to hate crimes legislation and job employment non-discrimination acts.

Well, now people are calling for an investigation into his records as to why he was dismissed from the U.S. military. It is suspect that he may have been dismissed because of homosexual activity. Another closeted-republican hypocrite? Maybe.

The blog world is mixed on the decision to release this ad, because it is playing into voters fears and homophobia. Mike Rogers over at BlogActive writes "Why give what by many is seen to be homophobia by many any legs?" While Michelangelo Signorile over at The Gist sees it differently saying:"Yes, the people pushing it are no doubt trying to appeal to homophobia in many voters. But they are also appealing to my -- and presumably many Kentucky voters' -- desire not to have a hypocrite and liar in office. And that's not a bad thing."

As always activism has different tactics and opinions, we can all agree though that we want to see this anti-gay politician out of his bullying pulpit.


Wonder Man said...

Very interesting

EnnisP said...

It is no wonder that some gays decide to remain in the closet. They are now being attacked from both sides.

libhom said...

If McConnell is gay and he loses today, then he would have to wonder if the closet really protected him that much.

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