Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Q Youth Center" in Syracuse NY Faces Shut Down

"The Q Center" in Syracuse New York provides young queers with a safe and supportive environment that seeks to educate and empower LGBTQ youth.

Below is a news report video about the "Q Center" from action news 3 when it opened in 2006. The video shows just how vital their work is for the community and in particular LGBTQ youth.

One of our readers Jeffrey has alerted us to the fact that the Onondaga County Department of Aging and Youth funding, represents a third of the budget of Syracuse's Q Youth Center, which amounts to $24,000. That money covers the intern salaries, rent, and program supplies. Much of the work the Q Youth Center completes is unfunded, but they cannot run on less. A few non-mandated youth programs in the County might be saved and the Q Center is trying to mount a letter writing campaign in support of the Q Center. Please write a letter stating why you feel funding the Q, and LGBTQ youth, is important… and why THIS program needs to be saved? If you are willing to write… letters should go to the County and the Governor’s office. And, please pass the word – we need as many letters as we can get in support of Central New York’s LGBTQ youth. Thanks for your support of the Q.

Contact Info:

Governor David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224
E-contact Form

County Executive Joanne M. Mahoney
John H. Mulroy Civic Center, 14th Floor
Syracuse, New York 13202
Telephone 315-435-3516

To find out about the Q Center and how you can help out please, contact Elizabeth Payne at 800.475.2430 or goto the Q Center Myspace.


Anonymous said...

Write Gov. Patterson no matter where you live in NYS and let him know that GLBT Youth Groups are too desperately needed and in too much need to be sacrificed to budget cuts. Queer kids don't have anywhere else to just be kids and to learn how to navigate a hostile world let alone adolescence. My partner and I have a gay son who entered the youth group in Rochester at the age of 13. He's now 21 and it was very important to him even though he had access to the community all his life. Don't pass up an opportunity to make a contribution to the youth group nearest to you no matter how small the amount. It's all some of these kids have.

Anonymous said...

That is really disheartening that they face the possibility of shutting down... However, I do want to let people know that if they are trying to find support for LGBTQ youth in the Binghamton, NY area there is IDENTITY, an lgbtq youth center. They've just opened up as of October 31st, 2008. For more info about them and what they've got going on, check out their site: http://idyouth.org

Anonymous said...

We are grateful that the County funding was restored to the Q Center last year and that the Onondaga County Department of Aging and Youth continues to see the value in our work. We appreciate all the letters and efforts on our behalf and with the commitment of AIDS Community Resources continue to move the Q toward sustainability. This spring marks our fourth year offering extensive programming to and outreach in support of CNY LGBTQ youth. For more info about the Q : qcentersyr@live.com
Thanks. The Q Center

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