Monday, May 12, 2008

Join the Fainess For ALL Families Campaign

"Join the Fairness for ALL Families Campaign and pledge to safeguard legal protections, health care and employment benefits for all Floridians.

Up for a vote, the so-called "Marriage Protection Act," would strip away domestic partnership protections currently being relied on by thousands of Floridians, including seniors, fire fighters, teachers and police officers. It would also bar the passage of future measures to help Florida families.

Spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Ask them to join Fairness Campaign and pledge to vote against any law that denies protections to Florida's families. SIGN THE PLEDGE, VOTE NO!"

Learn more and take additional action at VoteNoOn2!


Avory said...

Hey, this is Judith from "A Lesbian and a Scholar" (when I comment on Blogger blogs, it uses the signature from my foodblog, heh). Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll add you to my RSS list.

It's a fair point, but I'm not convinced that it's quite so black-and-white. From that interview, it looks to me that Hillary supports a repeal of one plank of DOMA (far from great) and that Obama supports some sort of repeal, but when asked if he supports full repeal he basically says it depends on votes. I don't really see the difference between the two. I don't think Hillary is amazing on gay issues by any stretch of the imagination, but I think she's more upfront, and I feel like I know what she's willing to commit to. With Obama, I'm just not sure.

At this point, what I'm really hoping for is a candidate in 2012 who's not only straightforward on LGBT issues, but progressive as well. We can all cross our fingers!

Queers United said...

Hey Judith, thanks for stopping by. I look fwd to checking your veggie blog, I am vegan and always looking to spice it up.

I feel Clinton or Obama will be good on LGBT issues, McCain I feel will be apathetic but not necessarily outright horrible like Bush. I just feel Hillary is a little more wishy-washy and goes based on popular opinion, however that being said and unlikely at this point if she were to be the nominee I would fully support her even though I am definitely an Obamaniac at this point =). Anyone but a republican, right?

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