Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OH Congressman Jeff Wagner Spews Out Hate

According to Pam's Houseblend:

"Jeff Wagner, a Republican who represents the 81st district in Ohio. Said he believes that "same-sex committed relationships lead to mental and physical illness". When a constituent asked about H.B. 502, the "Equal Housing and Employment Act", that would cover LGBTs, this is what Wagner said via email (spelling and grammar intact):

"This is a dangerous and misguided bill. The bill is not really about people being denied rights to basic needs, but it is about promoting acceptance of an immoral lifestyle. As much as some people would have us to believe otherwise, this country was founded on Christian principles. One of those long honored principles is the tradition of holy matrimony. One man and one woman joined together in a union that goes as far back as Adam and Eve. As our society has gotten further from that standard (not just homosexuality, but easy divorce, cheating on a spouse, etc.) we see a continued collapse of the basic building block of society the family unit. As that traditional family erodes, we see more sexually transmitted diseases, kids without parents, heartbroken people and I believe a host of mental and physical illnesses. . . . rest assured I can not support a bill in any way promotes or encourages the homosexual lifestyle."

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Miss Vicki said...

we catch hell here in ohio - ohio as a whole is pretty much a racist prejudice and very bias state - its just redder than red.

Not Important said...

My letter to this b______e is below. I haven't received any sort of reply for 2 days yet. I expect not to receive one from him.

Representative Wagner,

I read today that you made this statement about House Bill 502.

[T]his is a dangerous and misguided bill. The bill [THE REST OF HIS RANT IS INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL] rest assured I can not support a bill in any way promotes or encourages the homosexual lifestyle.

If this is true, I am outraged that you would say this about me and my family. Irrespective of your views about a particular piece of legislation, or indeed about my "lifestyle", as you put it, you are elected to represent ALL of your constituency, not just the heterosexual Christian white majority. If you would care to educate yourself about these issues with actual facts instead of inflammatory rhetoric, I can recommend a number of resources for you and your staffers, starting with the Firelands Pride organization at 419-627-0380.


Queers United said...

Ceara I like your analogy. When someone says promote the homosexual lifestyle I am going to say no I prefer to promote Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

There are several errors in this statement ... many of which the gay community may miss. First off, America was not founded on Christian principles beyond freewill and liberty. The Founders were mostly deists who believed in a Creator without religious bounds. Second, he refers to this "founding" as justification for resisting this bill. But there is no Constitutional foundation for a marriage law in any way. A marriage is a religious ceremony in which the government in all forms is explicitly NOT invited to participate. "traditional" marriage licenses are as illegal as a "gay" marriage license. If you're gay and you want to get married, go to a church that marries gays, and get married. If you're a straight Christian then go to a church that marries straight christians. This live and let live liberty thing is really pretty simple when you think about it.

Ioan said...

This man is digusting! He doesn't know anything about American history or current biblical exigesis. America was founded not by Christians but by Deists. Christianity just happens to be the most prevalent belief currently.

However that does not give him the right to spew anti-GLBT poison. All he has is the right to worship God as he sees fit. He DOES NOT have the right to raise hatred against people of whom he does not approve.

Bottom line, buddy: I am an American citizen and I have the right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness without fear of harm from those who do not understand this principle.

Anonymous said...

3 cheers for Mr. Wagner, who has the courage to speak up for what he believes in. Sorry Pam, but your kind of contractual reporting is tantamount to lying. Mr. Wagner does not say that homosexual relationships lead to mental illness. He cites this as one consequence of an "immoral lifestyle" for everyone, not just gays and lesbians. Science bears him out. The incidence of depression resulting from such relationships of all types is at a record high.

Ceara, yours is a very narrow definition of the word "promotion". It also means to facilitate or encourage, ergo no argument there. It’s a sad commentary on our society, however, that its wonderfully rich language should be contracted to a mere commercial slogan.

GDad, your outrage is exceeded only by your own "inflammatory rhetoric" - I'm reading, therefore, that you have a rather fuzzy idea of what that is. Mr. Wagner has not engaged in any 'rhetoric' at all. He has stated his position factually and clearly (all of which is corroborated in medical circles). If you do not like his position - because you feel it disadvantages you in some way - that is an entirely different matter and one that you need to own and take responsibility for. Mr. Wagner is not responsible for your feelings, you are. Moreover, condemning or denying the freedom of expression we demand for ourselves to others is a two-edged sword that has a habit of hurting most those who wield it! Good luck!

Anonymous, I think you're confused. There is no reason both may not live. The son makes his own choice and the Dad makes his. Both must own those choices and take responsibility for them, including the consequences - that's part of life and being a grown-up. This may mean that the relationship fails (for a time). That's a downside that you consider when you make the choice - you can't have everything! If you believe that a father’s love for his son should be greater than his love for God, you have it backwards. Check out God's laws (Commandment no.1). Laying a guilt trip on the dad, or anyone else, for their beliefs is a bad decision that will have bad consequences - that's what's simple!

Loan, I have to categorize you along with GDad. Ad hominum abuse is always false and always wrong! The minute you start it you lose credibility with your audience. It follows suit that your research is also wrong on all counts save the last: Christianity IS the most prevalent belief in the U.S., but not by happenstance. A lot of people have worked very hard for a very long time to make it so. They did this because they believed God, and that His system of government offered the best and fairest system for all. They still believe that, along with the larger portion of the Western world - which, by the sweat and toil of the courageous souls who have preceded us through the ages, currently offers the luxuries, "rights and freedoms" you so take for granted. It is by the grace of God you enjoy American citizenship - consider that!
Look around you. Is there anywhere else in the world you would rather live? Anywhere you think you would get a fairer shake? There is a reason America is presently the greatest nation on earth: it is first for her faith, second for her system of justice, and third for her social systems that care for the people.
Rights do not exist in a vacuum. For every right, there is a corresponding obligation on the part of someone else to afford you that right. Where there is no obligation, there is no right. Calling someone "disgusting" and squealing "hatred" and "anti-GLBT poison" for views that are no more offensive than that they are opposed to yours is irresponsible, childish and destructive. Change takes time because people have to agree. I thank God we have an advanced democracy where differing views can be expressed. It behoves all of us to do this in a spirit of tolerance and respect.

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