Thursday, May 15, 2008

Protest Scheduled at Boy Scouts of America National Conference

Scouting for All will be protesting at the Boy Scouts of America National Conference to be held May 21-23, 2008.

Here are the details we know as of right now:

Manchester Grand Hyatt
1 Market Pl.
San Diego, California., 92101.
Hotel phone: 1-619-232-1234.

For further information contact Howard Menzer, Scouting for All SouthWestern Regional Director, Email:

We'd like to see a large gathering to protest along with us. We are protesting the BSA's national policy of discrimination, which excludes both the gay and atheist communities, adults and children.


Anonymous said...

I live in Houston Texas and was visiting San Diego on May 21 and 22. I saw the protest and comparing the boy scouts to the KKK is ABSURB. I support the scouts in banning openly homosexual people from being scout leaders. Exactly what is the true goal of these blatant homosexuals in trying to be leaders in the scouts? If they really wanted to be a scout leader, then why aren't they in the closet?

Anonymous said...

LOL, who is going to send their children to a troop with a gay scout leader? If the gays want to be a scout leader, let them start their own scout tropp! I will even support the tax exemp status. This protest against the boy scouts is a total waste of time because the gays will lose for decades. Sometimes you need to fight battles that you can actually win.

Anonymous said...

ironmike, are you aware that 99.99% of ALL molesters are STRAIGHT men, often married and with kids of their own(whom I have immense pity for)?

think, please.

Anonymous said...

The gay community actually made an attempt to start their own scouting community a few years ago that was unable to gain any traction. If the community spent their energy in building their own scout program, we could co-exist. It just seems very hard for them to accept the fact that a majority of us continue to look at their lifestyle choice as unacceptable.
Prediction: If Boy Scouts of America opened the door to atheists and homosexuals, the organization would completely fold within a year.
There really is nothing to be gained for them in pursuing this endeavor, wish they'd see that and redirect energy to more useful and uplifting things.


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