Monday, June 1, 2009

Stonewall 2.0 Protests and Rallies

This thread began with marriage equality demonstrations in California before and after proposition 8 passed. It has grown into a nationwide phenomenon sparking demonstrations in every state demanding state and federal recognition for LGBT people. This list is now the Stonewall 2.0 listing and will continually be updated with new demos.

If you have info on a demonstration/event please use the contact form to let us know!

Wednesday June 3rd

Concord, New Hampshire
9:00am - till vote
The State House Plaza
107 N Main Street

Equality Bus from Vermont to New Hampshire

Saturday, June 27

Jun 27 12AM-Jun 29 11AM
Driving Equality Arizona

Sunday, June 28th

March for Equality

Saturday, August 1st

Melbourne, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009, 1.00pm
VENUE Federation Square
INFO Rally and mass illegal wedding
CONTACT Martin Baldock (0423 912 766)

Sydney, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009
VENUE Starts at Sydney Town Hall
INFO March to Darling Harbour for mass illegal wedding outside Labor Party
National Conference, CONTACT Ben Cooper (0432 957 213)

Brisbane, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009, 1.00pm
VENUE Queens Park
CONTACT Ingrid Nielsen,

Canberra, Australia

DATE Saturday 1 August, 2009. 1pm.
VENUE Main stage, Garema Place, Civic.
INFO Rally & illegal gay wedding, followed by march to Bob McMullan's office.
CONTACT John Kloprogge (0422 913 942)

Locations and times to be determined at... Check back with Equal Love.

Adelaide, Australia

Darwin, Australia

Geelong, Australia

Lismore, Australia

Hobart, Australia

Perth, Australia

Sunday, Oct 10 (2010)
National March for Equality
National Mall, Washington D.C.


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Mlle said...

I urge everyone to contact their local media outlets for each rally you're attending because the more attention we get the better! Also, lets PLEASE keep everything peaceful! We do not want to make a statement to those against our cause that we are violent, that could only make things worse! We are not here for any trouble, we are just here to support gay rights and to bring equality to ALL! And if you are anywhere near one of these rallies, please GO to one of them! Don't just sit there watching it on TV. Bring your friends and family (gay and straight alike), make signs, and be part of history!!!

And to Brian Mc,
When I first arrived at the Long Beach march on Friday, the rally was sparse and seemed to be over. But we stuck around for a while and later it exploded into what we all saw on the news, with people sitting in the middle of the intersection. Also, most of these are marches, so it is entirely possible that the rally was no longer at your location. My suggestion to you is to drive around the area to see if you can find other stragglers and don't give up! Stick around and maybe something more will happen. And if its already pretty late after the start time, maybe it ended and you were just too late. But don't give up and don't question each post for the rallies. Mainly because so many people are circulating this page and checking it for updates, that even if it were initially started by someone with bad intentions.. so many people see it that it could possibly turn into a real rally.

Anonymous said...


Hey all, make sure you're contacting your local media outlets as far in advance as possible. With less than 18 hours notice we were able to get the local San Diego NBC, ABC and CW news channels out there in La Jolla tonight at the Mormon temple and have at least one of them make us their lead story.

Does anyone know who is organizing the Irvine protest on Thursday. There's not site, no myspace, no facebook. Has the organizer reached out to local LGBT orgs on and off campus, has he/she contacted the media? If not, let me know if I can help.

Anonymous said...


To help avoid future issues like Brian's why don't you make a policy of only officially posting events for which a contact and/or webiste/myspace/facebook etc. was provided?

Just a thought. I know it must get exhausting keeping this site updated, but you rock! Keep it up, there are lot of people learning about events through your site!

Anonymous said...

Hey there's a San Diego march and rally on November 15.

6th and Upas
San Diego, CA 92103

Anonymous said...

What are these protests for other than punishment or revenge?

Queers United said...

nasli_h - I appreciate your commitment to activism and involvement. I will try my hardest to be sure the event is indeed legit and occurring.

I took down the Anaheim one in Disneyland as the organizer canceled it.

Jill said it best though, even if an event is no longer happening, and one shows up there are thousands reading this page daily, you are likely to find some people if you stick around and it will become a demo anyways.

Queers United said...

My suggestions would be don't travel far for the Protest at Rancho on HAVEN and FOOTHILL tonight. I have no additional info on it, and it may very well be unorganized and not happening. Anyone know anything more?

Anonymous said...

Yeah you're fierce all right! Brow beating, verbally abusing, and shoving your signs in the face of a little old lady in Palm Springs! You want your voice heard, your rights, your say...but to hell with anyone else who doesn't see things your way. You just set your movement back glad it made the top of the hour breaking news. Revealed all of you for what you really are...BIGOTED, HYPOCRITES

Anonymous said...

The news commentators were even saying how nasty and intimidating the prop 8 opponents have been lately...AND that this is not just a small faction of the gay is the mainstream...They suggested you pull it together, regroup, and start behaving like you expect the rest of society to behave. THE TOLERATING OF OTHERS POINTS OF VIEW...SHAMEFUL!!!!

Queers United said...

Get lost anti-gay bigot. We will do what we want, and you can't stop us. Or do you want to amend the constitution to restrict free speech too, considering you like eliminating constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making my point!

Anonymous said...

Free speech goes both ways...i guess you want to restrict the rights of helpless senior citizens, by chasing them down and shoving your signs in their faces, blocking them from having their say to the media...HMMM maybe that's freedom of the press rights you're now trying to restrict too?

Anonymous said...

SO TRUE! My best friends son is sons best friend is gay, our business partners are gay, and they are all mortified at the recent activities of the gay community. Throwing rocks through church windows, disrupting Sunday meetings, disgusting graffiti on religious property, all "hate crime" esque actions. BAD MOVE GUYS,I MEAN GAYS.

Queers United said...

Brandon we all understand the frustration, but violence will not be tolerated, I deleted the post, please do not post such comments.

Unknown said...

Here's a response to someone's comment above who CLEARLY does not know what he/she is talking about.

"What you guys are doing is ridiculous. Especially attacking the mormons. Mormons only make up 2% of California voters. They weren't the only ones who donated money either."

Who said we were only going after the Mormons? Other churches have been protested as well and we won't be doing business with companies that donated to the yes campaign. So the response is on many fronts.

"I thought you guys were about tolerance, but apparently that's only a one way street to you. We're supposed to tolerate you, but not the other way around?? What a bunch of hypocrites."

Really? You call total strangers voting on someone's marriage (a VERY personal thing) and at the ballot box no less, TOLERANT? You have a very strange definition of the word. Real tolerance would be that you understand someone else's marriage has no effect at all in your life and you should therefore leave other people alone. They are not trying to take away your marriage, therefore you should not try to take away theirs. Simple.

"It's not like it changes anything for you except for a title. You still have the same rights. You can keep trying, but we will not accept it! You will get the same answer everytime, so stop wasting taxpayers money on these elections."

Wow. Are you misinformed. The OTHER side is the one that brought this to the voters and wasted money, not us. And saying we have the same rights is just a blatant lie, so stop saying that. It's not true. And as for getting the same answer every time, clearly that is not the case. The margin is QUITE less between Prop 22 and 8. And as the younger generation takes over, that margin will shrink even more and shift to the other side (It's almost 50/50 now!). So it is you who needs to accept that the world is changing. You can either get onboard the train, or get run over by it. But the train is leaving the station regardless.

Anonymous said...

Check this out. Big, tough, gay men chasing down an old lady in Palm Springs, grabbing her cross and stomping on it. Freedom of Speech? Only for those supporting gay marriage I guess? Yank this from your site...take away my free speech too.

Anonymous said...

Friday, November 14
Tucson, AZ
5:00: Assemble at El Presidio Park (155 N Church St)
5:30: March to La PLacita Village
5:45 - 7:00 Rally
See Wingspan for details.

Queers United said...

I won't pull your video, but this is my site, meaning my rules. Free speech exists in public quarters this is my domain. QUEER OPERATED AND PROUD!

Queers United said...

Thanks so much Jim, I will update the list.

Anonymous said...

You can hope she rots in hell all you want...aint happenin'! As for all of you my friends, I'm glad you're such a close knit'll have lots of company while you're rotting in hell! CROSS STOMPING, HISSY FITTING, OLD LADY FIGHTING, BIGOTS.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the LDS church whose mother happens to be a lesbian. I was raised around a lot of the members of the gay community in my town, and the people I know are not people that would riot, harrass, destroy private property, intimidate, or belittle. They would NEVER stoop so low.

If the members of the gay and lesbian community that are protesting violently need a lesson on how to be graceful then take a page from the Mormon history. If you don't know any then learn some people because this a people that know more about discrimination and bigotry than most can imagine.
To say that God and religion don't matter in this discussion is the most ridiculous statement. Marriage would not exist if not for God. Sorry, but it wouldn't and even my Southern Baptist raised lesbian mother would agree to that. You are seeking something that is biblical.

But I'm not going to solve that issue so I'll close by saying the men and women I have known my whole life were proud and respectful people. They would never stoop to treat other people the way they felt they had been treated their whole lives. I am proud to have known them even if I don't agree with their lifestyle. I respected them and they respected me. Must be a new breed of homosexual out there.

Brandi W.

Anonymous said...

Please post.

March on Sacramento
Sat., November 22, 2008
2 p.m.

more info on Facebook:
Equal Rights Equal Love

Queers United said...

Sarah we are not asking people like you to feel sympathy for us, we feel sympathy for YOU. We are looking for fair minded people to understand our struggle for equality, not nuts.

Queers United said...

Anon thanks for Sacramento posting, I shall add.

Queers United said...

March on Sacramento
Sat., November 22, 2008
2 p.m.

Anon I did not find any info for this, please provide a link.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I really want to come out to the South Coast Plaza rally to show that Christian hetero parents are anti 8 as well. Jesus would not have preached hate and we don't get the religious argument for 8. Are they going to take away rights for Atheists? Buddhists? Who's next? They're not following the arcane "rules" of the Old Testament. I wear outfits made of two types of cloth. Should I be jailed?

Anyhow, our question is this - will it be safe? We want our daughter to learn about social responsibility, but would never bring her into a potentially dangerous situation. A friend says the Laguna rally this past weekend was very peaceful. Any pulse on the SCP rally yet?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the specifics about the Fri 11/14 demo in SF at the Chronicle bldg?

Queers United said...

Anon its over the lack of coverage on prop 8 by the SF Chronicle, also they are under reporting on protest numbers.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone sensed my sarcasm there. No on 8er's are nothing but HATERS!

Mlle said...

The rally in Long beach that I went to was very peaceful, people were walking their dogs, others had strollers, the police came to that rally because prop 8 supporters came out. If you are worried, drive around near it first. Its fun to just drive by and honk and cheer at the other protesters to show your support. That way your daughter can be in the safety of your car and you can leave at any time while still showing your support and demonstrating social responsibility.

Mlle said...

Also, I have never seen any of the signs Carrie is talking about so don't let her scare you. Most of the signs are of rainbows, equal signs, and signs about love and most of all, people have been re-using their no on 8 signs from the election.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to show you.

That will shut her up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie...

I'm the anon mom above. Believe me, my daughter will understand the LDS influence. Just as she will understand the Catholic influence. Just as she will understand that many of her Christian brothers and sisters disagree with us. Our family will not be attacking faith. We will be fighting against prejudice. I never said anything about the LDS darling. Get it straight. And, frankly, the world is full of love and hate. I want my children to know that they have a right, and a responsibility to get out into the world and defend their beliefs. We believe in love. We believe in equality. We believe in respect. I refuse to directly attack the Mormon church. It's not about hurt or hate. We want the hate to stop. I really don't understand your "haters" comment. It seems pretty imflammatory. I'll be the mommy hanging with her little family and her buddies and their families. I hope yuo can't tell us from the wonderfully diverse supportive crowd Saturday but in case you can, let's chat.

Anonymous said...

Hey , thanks for the advice Jill. I think we will feel things out in our car first.

Anonymous said...

I never said you said anything about the LDS church, DARLING. I'm saying most of the hatred from the No on 8ers are targeting the LDS church, therefore you see hateful and bigoted signs directed at them at all the rallies I've seen on tv and the internet. If you see little old ladies going to exercise their right to free speech by defending Prop 8, I suggest you get your daughter out of there quick. The haters like to beat little old ladies. Anyone is fair game for these haters. It's sad that your innocent daughter will be counted among such hostile and hateful hypocrites. = )

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the one tonight at Hamburger Marys in Long BEach all that is listed is the location and time. Is this a rally protes? Candle light? Speakers? What is going on there?

Anonymous said...

Is there any more infor for the one that is happing in Hermosa Beach?

Queers United said...

Sorry guys I put all the info I know of, if someone knows more please let us know.

emissary said...

In the aftermath of the passage of Proposition 8, the supporters and opponents have reacted very differently. Opponents have staged protests around the country filled with anger and frustration. From supporters, the main emotion I feel is puzzlement. They don't understand why Prop. 8 should have provoked such an enormous response. I would like to share both sides of the issue in the hopes that it will contribute to the understanding of others.

The main problem is with the definition of "marriage". In its core is the "husband-wife" relationship ("the word “marriage” means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife" -- US Legal Code). So when you enter into marriage, you become part of a husband-wife relationship. However, there is also a set of cultural behaviors attributed to this word -- the most common are love and commitment. (Note that the behaviors change between cultures; arranged marriages don't require love, but they do form the husband-wife relationship.)

With this background, let me address the different sides.

For supporters trying to understand those who oppose:

Proponents of same-sex marriage have been taught that marriage is not a husband-wife relationship, but a set of behaviors. Since the word "marriage" is seen as societally-recognized love and commitment, a "domestic partnership" must be something else; a "separate but equal" version that makes them second-class citizens. This is why there is so much anger and frustration over it being taken away.

For opponents trying to understand the supporters:

Supporters of Prop. 8 honestly believe that marriage is just as it's defined: a husband-wife relationship. Since no same-sex union will ever create a husband-wife relationship, they don't see it as discriminatory to call the union between two men or the union between two women as something else. It honestly puzzles them why domestic partnerships with all of the rights and responsibilities of spouses under CA law is not enough.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I think the main problem between the two sides of Prop 8 is a lack of understanding. I voted for Prop 8 and I campaigned for it as well. Yet, I can see why the GLBT community is upset at what happened. I can see that they want to have the word marriage because that will maybe lead to greater acceptance. I see that both sides have behaved badly. I was called stupid, bigot, hater, religious fanatic and much, much worse. And I am sure gay people have also been called horrible names and have been told they are going to hell. But what I think you need to understand is that just because I voted Yes on 8 does not mean I am a bigot. It mean that I disagree with you. Nothing more. I also disagree with people that have premarital sex or drink, but I don't hate them. I simply disagree.
I cringe at the comments that some Yes o 8 people are making. I don't like to hear anyone being called a fag or queer or any name that is demeaning. I probably wont change my mind on Prop 8. I think gays should have all rights I have in my marriage, yet I want to keep the traditional definition of marriage. I am sure there are many people that believe the same way I do. But if you continue to call all people who voted against you, bigots, it will not helf your cause.

Anonymous said...


Where:California State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA
When: Saturday -11/22/08 2PM
Who: Our Community throughout California will come together to rally and stage a massive SIT-IN for MARRIAGE EQUALITY
Why:Equal Rights are inalienable and CANNOT be taken away.

Be a part of history! Join the largest Equal Rights Protest for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender Rights in our state's history. Word of this event has been disseminated to literally hundreds of thousands of GLBT activists through Facebook, email, text messages, and at rallies around the state. This is the culmination of all the Prop 8 protests across California.

In order to draw national spotlight and make this truly historic, we ask all GLBT Groups to send people to join us in Sacramento. If you live outside California, we ask you to stage one massive protest march SHOWING YOUR SUPPORT in major cities nationwide. Nationwide 1,000,000 voices will cry out for JUSTICE. Will you join our fight for your marriage rights?

California is but the BEACON for change sweeping this country. The protests are growing in every city throughout our great state. Join the grassroots movement as protests at City Halls this weekend are held simultaneously across AMERICA. This is no longer just about California. We, the next "Great Generation" will rise up in a wave of CHANGE like never before. Please join us in the rally call being heard around California. "What do we want? EQUAL RIGHTS! When to we want it? NOW!"

Join the Revolution at FACEBOOK GROUP: Equal Rights Equal Love

Anonymous said...

The Family Research Council has issued an "action alert" via e-mail for people to e-mail Governor Schwarzenegger and request that he NOT support an over turning of Prop 8.

We need to counter this by e-mailing, writing, and calling his office asking him to continue to support Marriage Equality.

Anonymous said...

Here's the info for the Oakland, California location for the nationwide Join The Impact protest this Saturday--if you could add it to your list, we'd appreciate it! Thx!
Saturday, November 15, 2008

10:30am - 1:30pm
Oakland City Hall
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA

Queers United said...

Josh thanks for that I will put out an action alert soon.

Cecilnator said...

To the one man one woman feeble minded. 1. that's not what the mormons believe, polygamists. They don't even respect legal adult laws adopted by the rest of the world. Ironic that the truly depraved defended your soon to be ended facade of superiority. Check your facts, the bible only picked up marriage a few thousand years ago, & before that it was just a contract of slavery. marriage will have a new definintion, you are not even part of a real majority anymore. The numbersr don't come that close & represent true margins. Signed, Mike married Joaquin- try & take that away!

Hope4Equality said...

You're anger regarding Prop 8 is certainly understandable and reasonable. What is not reasonable is your focus on the Mormon Church. The frustration should be focused on the State. This is a constitutional issue not a voting issue. The Church has the same rights as everyone else in this country. Note - I am not Mormon. I simply ask that individual rights be respected. I don't concur with their beliefs but they are entitled to their beliefs just as the g/l communities are entitled to theirs. Please read my blog concerning this issue:

Warmest Regards, Hope4Equality

Anonymous said...

Anyone that practices polygamy is excommunicated. They are not apart of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and instead make up their own religion so they can justify their lifestyle.

Mewi said...

I convinced a protest to happen in Burlington Vermont ( took a couple emails to convince them to hold one ^.^ )

By the way to the owner of this blog, you can predate your post once its been posted in "Post options" so that you can set it to a further date "November 15th" and it will stay up at the top of your blog and you can make new posts and all those posts will stay below that.


petshop_grrrl said...

I think these can be great slogans for self-made marching signs:

- 48 TO 52% :

Let's make ourselves visible, people! :o)

Crista said...

One day everyone will stop being so hateful toward each other. So what if gays want to marry? Is it really hurting you?

Anonymous said...

BIG protest on the top of Mount Baldy on Saturday at 12 noon. Bring lots of water. It's a great hike. We will all meet and hold hands.

Anonymous said...

To (IhateHATE). Separate church from state? But didn't you just say God is on YOUR side? By the way, God called homosexuality an Abomination! I AM NOT a Mormon, I do not agree with their doctrine(s) but I do agree with them on prop 8.

Unknown said...

There is not one single thing in the constitution that guarantee's your right to marriage. So claiming this is "unconstitutional" is lame at best.

Nor is this a "civil rights" movement. Not in the least.

Buffy said...


There's nothing in the constitution that guarantees *your* right to marriage if we go by your logic. So I guess you're as SOL as we are.

The Supreme Court said that we had to be treated equally under the law. So if we don't have the right to marry (according to the constitution) then neither do you.

Anonymous said...

What: Candle Light Vigil Against Prop. 8 And For Equality

When: Thursday (11/20)

Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Where: Downtown Concord. Intersection of Concord Ave. and Salvio St. next to the Concord 14 Brenden Theatres. This is the point where Concord Ave. turns into Galindo St.


From Highway 242 South--Exit at Concord Ave. East three long blocks to Theatre. Corner of Concord Ave. & Salvio St.

From Highway 242 North--Exit Highway 242 at Willow Pass Rd. Straight on Willow Pass to Galindo. Turn left. One block to corner of Concord Ave. & Salvio St.

Free parking is available a couple blocks away in the Concord Public Garage (Grant St. / Salvio St.)

Misc: Bring candles, signs and a positive attitude.

Contact: Mike -

Anonymous said...

do you all have a life I think not lets bug people to death. Enjoy your protest people have a life and I thought all of you had a life like work or school I guess I was wrong to think this way. Instead of acting crazzy go back to work or school no one tells you can"t work or go to school but you all have a choice and you decid to wast your time it is your problem and not everyone eles!! Stop spreading the hate and violence. I got to laugh at stupit people that can"t leave people alone and you have to force your stuff onto people and if people disagree with you all oh my it is like the mob that has so much hate that is willing do anything haterd to those who disagree with your lif stly, I say grow up and work out the issues that you have because hate is not a healthy thing to have

Anonymous said...

The Dr. Phil Show will be taping in Hollywood on Tuesday the 18th for a show about Prop 8. They need audience participation from everyone who is still fighting for gay rights. Go to the Dr. Phil website and click on Be in the Audience to get tickets. The show will air on 11/21. Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

After speaking with 8 friends in states other than California and Utah, al I can say is that the protests in front of church,s temples and other places of worship are only helping the Pro-Prop 8 folks. Pictures of protesters, screaming hate at old women and CHILDREN as they go to church does more AGAINST your cause then you may realize it. It may feel good to vent your spleen, but in the end, your digging your own hole.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, couldn't get through on the contact page, so leaving this post. First off, the protest rally in front of the El Pollo Loco on Tues. the 18th is in Silverlake at Sunset Junction, not Hollywood. Most people who live here probably know that. Also, the listing for the Nov. 23rd protest at the mormon temple on Santa Monica Blvd. is in WEST Los Angeles, NOT EAST Los Angeles. There is no mormon temple on the east side that I know of and also no Santa Monica Blvd. over there. I look forward to seeing you all these rallies. We cannot let up for a minute. We have to keep going and never stop until we have our equality. Peace- Seven

Anonymous said...

At the most basic level despite how we feel about the results of prop 8 the struggle to be heard and understood will continue. What needs to be said is that we are all equal created by God in his image. The law of the state could both support gay marriage or not support gay marriage. Regardless what the law says the reality of supressing my physical identity to match my emotional psychological identity will continue to rage and leave my soul with deep interpersonal questions. It is possible to suppress the truth, that which is self evident. I understand that most feel that they did not choose to be gay, what you did not choose was what body you found yourself in. It is not hateful to discuss our ideas no matter how different they may be. I don't believe that we are born homosexual this denies nature. Nevertheless I believe God has blessed all men to decide for themselves to believe how they choose. Homosexuality is no more than a twisting of how God created us. It is our understanding of ourselves. I have strong passions for women other than my wife but I by the grace of God can not indulge in those evil passions for it would be sin. Like wise all sin is strong passion and desire for what was not intended to be. I know many of you will not agree thats ok. I don't hate homosexuals you have my respect, but I do challenge you to hear what the Scripture says. If the Bible is wrong we will all die and it will work itself out. But if the bible is correct,(which I believe it is) we will all stand before a God who is Holy and will hold us accountable to his revealed truth. I know many of Gay's are very spiritual. Please hear me that I hope that you can experience the freedom that comes in knowing Christ on his terms. Christ died once for all that men might be cleansed from all sin and recieve his righteousness; not self righteousness or religion.

Anonymous said...

What INTOLERANCE from those who claim to be fighting intolerance! It is shameful. Free dialogue without recrimination is essential for the survival of democracy. Fight the Gestapo tactics. I urge support of the Proposition 8 contributors.

Anonymous said...

To the Yes on 8 visitors to this and other pro equality sites- Why are you here? I'm really dumbfounded about this. Its soooooo weird. I mean you come here, to a pro Gay rights site to read the posts and leave comments. Why? Why are you so obsessed with us and what we do? I know loads of Gay people who have never been to any of these sites. But, you strH8ters seem to spend all of your spare time here. You say, "Get over it, you lost, the people have spoken, stop whining etc.". You won, isn't that enough for you? Really, isn't it? You say that we are poor losers. Well, I could think of some extremely poor winners. It seams like half of the comments on here are left by non gay pro H8 people. Its bizarre. And you tell US to get a life. Please.

Anonymous said...

The reason we are on here, is most likely because we were originally trying to get info on protests at the temple. This site was the first one that came up on google. And this site continues to post where the future protests will be so that we can avoid the snarl of traffic you guys cause every time you protest(I'm sure the traffic jams you are causing are winning hearts and minds everywhere!). The reason some of us stay on here is to point out the staggering hypocrisy of some of the things you are doing to stop the "H8". And Seven, you really need to get your Mormon history "straight" before you start spouting off complete falsehoods. I can name at least 5 things you said in your post that are completely untrue. But somehow, I get the feeling that you guys aren't too worried about the facts.

Anonymous said...

People keep asking why no one is protesting in Comptom or South Central LA. That's a good question. Are you asking everyone who is gay in Los Angeles or are you directing these inquiries toward the black gays who live in those areas. Maybe we all want to stay alive. People get killed there every day for no reason. I don't think gays or anyone else feels safe there. We want to fight for our rights, but we want to be alive to see prop 8 repealed. Am I out of line here? I think this is the obvious reason why no one is protesting in those neighborhoods. There was a protest on the list for a troubled African- American area on the south west part of town last week. I drove over there and was the only one so I went home. People also complain that no one shows up in East Los Angeles, except for about a hundred people. Then they call us cowards for not leaving West Hollywood. First of all, we don't all live in WEHO. Second there are thousands of Latino gays in East LA. Why can't they show for themselves in their own neighborhoods? I think there are plenty of African-American gays on the South side, why not ask them directly why they don't march. The gays of West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silverlake etc. are not responsible for everything by themselves. They have been brave and steadfast in setting up and carrying out major marches and protests. I would only encourage others to also do so in the respective parts of town where they live.

For those who still can't understand why no one marches in South Central in front of a baptist church, who is stopping YOU from organizing it?

Anonymous said...

What would you feel about straight people boycotting gay businesses in return for all of your terrorist actions? This is being proposed, and I have to say, I now support it.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say that boycotts are NOT TERRORIST ACTIONS. They are used by all major religious institutions every day. I have not been made aware of white powder being sent to any churches. But if it was , I am truly sorry for that. That would really be wrong. Every group does have some people who do the wrong thing and go too far. But, to be honest, given number of death threats and bomb threats my friends at the Gay and Lesbian Center receive daily, it wouldn't surprise me if the church made up the story to make us look bad. Its not like churches never lie.

If you want to boycott us, go ahead. How many Jews would have wanted to continue doing business with nazis? You, who would revel in taking away our dignity and equality are not our friends and certainly not our family. WE DON"T NEED YOU!

You have asked your fellow straight supremacists to tell the businesses on our blacklist (whom you call heroes) why they are doing business with them. What would you have them say?

I am doing business here because you discriminate?

I really appreciate that you stand on the side of bigotry?

Just wanted to let you know how proud we are to give our money to those who will use it to take away the rights of others?

Thank you for smiling at the gay customers and taking their money all those years, but really hating them just like we do?

High five!

And just to let you know, it doesn't matter if someone gave $100 (El Coyote) or $6000 (El Pollo Loco) to support prop 8. These two restaurants are in totally gay areas and have survived for years off of the loyalty the gay community has shown them. If they want to give ten cents to take away our rights, they obviously do not care about our continued patronage.

Living in a country based on freedom and the equality of all, I would be ashamed to call someone a hero for donating time and energy to away the rights of others and make them inferior.

I would call a hero someone who fights for their rights or the rights of others. I would be proud to patronize a business who willingly donated $6000 dollars to an orphanage or woman's shelter. I suppose that all of those "heroes" who donated to prop 8 are under the impression that the worlds children are in great shape and the only important cause is stopping gay marriage. I was always under the impression that churches had better things to do. Guess I was wrong. Now they can add boycotting gay businesses to their list of priorities.

Anonymous said...

my friends and I are holding an event in Orange, CA and I was wondering if you could post it in your blog. Here's the info and the facebook event:

Candlelight Vigil to Repeal Prop 8
please join us for a community demonstation of solidarity against prop 8
Saturday, November 22, 2008
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Orange Circle, Intersection of Glassel and Chapman, Orange, CA


Anonymous said...

Sending envelopes filled with white powder IS A TERRORIST TACTIC...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dude! hope to see some more supporters of this at some protests!

Anonymous said...

Prop 8 Protest Rally & March - Costa Mesa/Santa Ana, Saturday 11/22 3:30pm
Metro Pointe, 901 S Coast Drive, Costa Mesa (map)
Rally @ infront of Metro Pointe til 4:10, march begins by 4:15pm. Marching to the Doubletree Hotel Santa Ana OC Airport, 201 East MacArthur Blvd Santa Ana (map) (where the LDS held their meeting on Prop 8).
Bring signs, banners & friends!
Contact:, or

Anonymous said...

This Monday 11/24 another rally at the intersection of La Cienega & Centinela in Inglewood from 4:00pm-8:00pm this time -- BRING SIGNS AND PEOPLE! We've done this the last 2 weeks and have had a lot of fun. Come meet people and spread the love!

Drew - (718)614-3749

John Bisceglia said...

Some of us have HAD IT! We will be responding with a NON-Violent Solution: The NATIONAL EQUALITY TAX PROTEST will be on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009.

Individuals are FINALLY gathering to TAKE A STAND against persecution from the Mormons & the Christian "Right". No vote will be needed on this one, folks.

EQUALITY is SIMPLE when you simply include EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

Seven, I check this site almost daily to get updates on your hit list. When you people plan your hateful and bigoted protests at our churches, we warn them in advance so that they can protect members of the church when they try to worship on Sunday's. Your hateful propaganda does not interest me whatsoever. = )

Anonymous said...

Thanksiving signs...
Are you attending or organizing a rally that takes place around Thanksgiving? I suggest signs thanking our supporters. It will show a positive side of our message, it's richly deserved, and you can thank anyone you want -- public figures or groups who opposed Prop. 8, like Mayor Villagairosa, Wanda Sykes or the California Teachers Association, or people in your own life who have supported you, like your mom, grandparents or Aunt Thelma. Or thank all 5,920,859 (and counting) Californians who voted No on 8!

Cecilnator said...

Passing on a lead for a friend.

Boycott Black Friday,
I have begun a grass roots movement to boycott Black Friday in an attempt to show this Nation that if we were to come together in a massive show of Solidarity, that we have a larger impact on their lives than they realize. For too long have we contributed to this nation with virtually no representation.
My idea to boycott Black Friday if it goes off will definitely turn heads in our direction, especially in this time of already economic weakness. This is in my opinion the only way to really get the attention of the lawmakers who are blindly led by their wallets and the Religious Wrong.
I have never done anything like this before and have purchased the domains, net, and org. I am currently developing the .org domain by myself but we only have 19 days to make this happen and I need as much help / support as I can get.
My goal of boycotting Black Friday will be the most significant if it could be national, even President Elect Obama would notice. I understand this is most likely an unrealistic goal, but even if not fully realized might redirect some thinking.
Please if there is anything that you could do to help spread the word, to assist me, help, support, even advice or more contacts, I would be deeply grateful. The success of this plan hinges on a total gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, and gay friendly boycott of Black Friday in California, but the more people across the Nation the better. Ultimate goal is the nation, will settle for California.
This may seem unrealistic, but all I am asking for is a bit of support and to spread the word as far and wide as possible by the 28th.
please help

Cecilnator said...

But the fact is that the yes on 8 campaign DID lie to get it passed. The mormon leaders DID ask its practitioners to donate heavily to that cause. It DID seek to affect legislation. And has NO RIGHT to do that & retain tax exempt status. We have good reason for a separation of church & state in this country. And I write that as a christian, the real ones, not the ones who made up their own minds a couple hundred years ago,then wrote about Jesus visiting the Native Americans in some sort of dream. Those hippie Christians, who now stand on the "right" side & hope nobody remembers the Polygamy. THe Excomunicating, Excommunicated! LOL

Cecilnator said...

If you can't win with the truth, you employ the devils tacticts & somehow say you are doing it for what's right? o you know that one proponant of 8 says writes this isnt about equal rights that we want additinal rights. "That a gay man still has the right to marry a woman". I wonder where her degree came from? Because awarding that level of stupid with a diploma only comes from one type of school, one preaching ignorance. Yes honey, those gay men who marry, they get their rocks off at the local dirty bookstore, with other men. They lie to their wives, your congregation, and to god. I've known probably hundreds of them, there's a real triumph for morality!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I drove to Santa Monica last night but no one was there....Is there a better updated site that anyone knows about?

NorCal Gary said...

It seems to me that those with the most idiotic, closed-minded and absolutely ignorant things to say hide behind the "anonymous" handle.

There are of course those that are not idiots that choose to use "anonymous", so don't get your panties in a bunch! lol

The Mormon Church was the largest single contributor to the Yes on 8 campaign... to the tune of around $20 million dollars. They sent out an official correspondence to all of the LDS churches instructing them to donate money to the Yes on 8 campaign. This violates the IRS 501(c)3 tax statutes prohibiting church "involvement in political campaigns" or "excessive lobbying activities."

By the way, investigation into the LDS church vandalizing is pointing toward that church's members so don't go pointing the finger at us yet.

Here in Sacramento the arrests made during the Prop 8 campaign were 95% on the Yes on 8 people.

Too bad we weren't this pissed off when they gave the approval for this Proposition to be on the ballot. We could have saved ourselves a lot of work.

Just my 2¢ worth.

Eddie Offermann said...

"Sunday, Nov. 23rd

East Los Angeles, CA
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Mormon Temple
10777 Santa Monica Blvd"

I'm going. But let's correct this: This is NOWHERE NEAR "East LA" - seriously? 10777 SMBlvd? I live in WeHo and that's between me and Santa Monica. Westside as they come.

Anonymous said...

Long Beach - Cinemark at the Pike Rally

Time: December 12, 2008 at 7pm
Location: Cinemark at the Pike
Street: 99 S Pine Ave
City/Town: Long Beach
Event Type: Rally
Organized By:

Mlle said...

Please add this event:
Fri 11/28
South Coast Plaza
Intersection of Bear and South Coast Drive


Anonymous said...

Prop 8 Protest Rally/Candlelight Vigil - Costa Mesa, Saturday 12/6 3pm-8pm
all 4 corners of Bristol St. and Sunflower Ave., Costa Mesa
Rally 3pm-? Candlelight Vigil starts @ 6pm-8pm. Bring signs, banners & friends! Join us! (suspect early arrive)
Contacts: , ,or

Anonymous said...

Please add this event. Thank you.

What: Peaceful Protest Against Prop. 8 & For Equality For All Americans

When: Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Where: Antioch, CA. Intersection of Delta Fair Blvd. and Somersville Rd. There are two shopping centers very near this intersection with parking available.

Contact: Mike/

Please bring signs, flags, balloons, smiles (and umbrellas if it rains).

Please help spread the word to your contacts and friends and ask them to spread the word. We would love a large turn-out for this event. If you cannot attend, please let others know about the event anyway.

Anonymous said...

Allowing things like PROP 8 is condoning GOVERNMENTAL PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE on the Q Community and our children.


This needs to stop NOW. If you are sick & tired of protests, rallies, and "equality fundraisers", join the National Equality Tax Protest - Wednesday, April 15th, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Here is a message from Jesus Christ that you can e-mail to Prop 8 Supporters:


WE HAVN’T DONE NOTHIN TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








Anonymous said...

As a gay American expatriate living in Berlin these past 35 years, I must say I'm thrilled to see GLBT America finally overcoming its apathy, getting out on the streets, and fighting for this crucially important cause, one the first-wave Homosexual Liberation Movement here in Germany (1897-1933) fought for as well. The very first gay man in history to publicly come out (before the Congress of German Jurists in Munich in 1867) and take on straight society in an "in-your-face" manner was a Hanoverian jurist named Karl-Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895).
Here's what he had to say, way back in 1870, about mob rule. (Please pass this on to as many blogspots as you can!):


The great pioneer of the first-wave German Homosexual Emancipation
Movement, the Hanoverian government jurist Karl-Heinrich Ulrichs
(1825-1895), on the subject of homosexual rights and same-sex marriage:

“We fight against the arrogance of despotic majorities. Therefore we
despise by all means the prevailing liberalism which is hollower than
empty nuts, which instead of bread offers us stones, which demands
freedom only for the majority, who are already at the helm, but who, as
soon as it is a question of an oppressed minority, which is not to their
taste, never and nowhere stand up for freedom; which endlessly falsifies
it through its inherent despotism, which without blushing daily scorns
human rights and tramples on human dignity. .... The Uranian [gay man]
is also a legitimate citizen of a State founded on the rule of law. As
such, he may therefore demand from the legislator that he remain
consistent when it comes to the basics of justice and not apply double
standards to him and the Dionian [heterosexual]. ... The State does not
have the right to act on a whim or for the sheer love of persecution.
The State is not authorized, as had been the case in the past, to treat
Uranians as outside the pale of the law. ... In Juvenal, we read of
someone chancing on a friend in the street, ‘Whither goest thou?’
Response: ‘I have a wedding ceremony to attend; nubit amicus’, i.e. ‘a
friend is taking to himself a husband’. In Martial (12. 42) we find an
actual report of a wedding: Barbatus duro nupsit Callistratus Afro ...
[‘The bearded Callistratus married the rugged Afer’].... I do not see
why we should not just as well be allowed to read here in Germany:
‘Berlin, May 15th. Once again, on this day Uranian wedding vows were
solemnly exchanged before a priest and witnesses in the local St.
Hedwig’s Church. The fiancés were senior civil servant, Dr.
Callistratus, and the guardsman Afer, excused from duties. Both men at
the same time received the Sacrament of Holy Communion.’”
----Karl-Heinrich Ulrichs, in (Engl. transl.): “Prometheus:
Contributions to the Investigation of the Riddle of Nature Uranianism
[homosexuality] and to the Discussion on the Moral and Social Interests
of Urningthum [i.e. the gay and lesbian community]” paragraph 7, Chapt.
IV and paragraph 41, Serbe (publ.), Leipzig, January 1870, and Ulrichs’
“‘Araxes’: a Call to Free the Nature of the Uranian from Penal Law”, C.
Hübscher (Hugo Heyn) (publ.), Schleiz [in Thuringia, now a federal state
in Germany], 1870.

Here's Ulrichs' original German text, cited and translated above:

„Wir bekämpfen die Arroganz despotischer Majoritäten. Unter allen
Umständen verachten wir daher den herrschenden Liberalismus, welcher
hohler ist, als taube Nüsse, welcher uns [Urningen, d.h. Homosexuellen]
statt Brodes Steine beut; welcher Freiheit nur für Majoritäten fordert,
die bereits am Ruder sind, sobald es sich dagegen um unterdrückte
Minoritäten handelt, die seinem Geschmack nicht zusagen, nie und nirgend
für Freiheit eintritt, der ohne Ende dieselbe fälscht durch den ihm
innewohnenden Despotismus, der ohne zu erröthen alle Tage Menschenrecht
verhöhnt und Menschenwürde zertritt. ... Auch der Urning [Schwule] ist
berechtigter Bürger des Rechtsstaats. Als solcher aber darf er vom
Gesetzgeber fordern, ihm die Grundlagen der Gerechtigkeit innezuhalten,
nicht mit zweierlei Maß zu messen ihm und dem Dioning [Heterosexuellen].
... Er hat nicht das Recht, ihm gegenüber sich leiten zu lassen von
Willkühr oder blinder Verfolgungssucht. Der Staat ist nicht befugt, wie
bisher geschah, den Urning zu behandeln wie einen rechtlosen. ... Bei
Juvenal lesen wir, wie jemand auf der Straße einem Freunde begegnet,
,Wohin des Weges?‘ Antwort: ,Ich muß zu einer Hochzeitsfeier; nubit
amicus.‘ D. i. ein Freund verheirathet sich an einen Mann. Bei Martial
(12. 42) finden wir einen förmlichen Heirathsbericht: Barbatus duro
nupsit Callistratus Afro ... [,Der bärtige Callistratus heiratete den
kernigen Afer‘]. ... Ich sehe nicht ein, warum man nicht ebensogut bei
uns sollte lesen dürfen: ,Berlin, den 15. Mai. Heute ward in der
hiesigen Hedwigskirche wieder ein urnisches Liebesbündniß feierlich vor
Pfarrer und Zeugen geschlossen. Die Verlobten waren Herr Regierungsrath
Callistratus und der beurlaubte Gardist Afer. Dieselben empfingen
gleichzeitig das Sacrament der hl. Communion.‘“ ---- Karl-Heinrich
Ulrichs, in: „Prometheus: Beiträge zur Erforschung des Naturräthsels des
Uranismus [Homosexualität] und zur Erörterung der sittlichen und
gesellschaftlichen Interessen des Urningthums [d.h. der schwullesbischen
Gemeinde].“, §7, IV u. §41, Serbe’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Leipzig,
Januar 1870, u. „,Araxes.‘ Ruf nach Befreiung der Urningsnatur vom
Strafgesetz.“, Schleiz, Verlag von C. Hübscher (Hugo Heyn), 1870.

Christopher Sabino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christopher Sabino said...

please add these events:

Prop 8 Peaceful Protest Rally - Irvine, Saturday 12/13
From: 1pm-6pm Culver Dr & Alton Pkwy, Irvine

Prop 8 Peaceful Protest Rally - Laguna Niguel, Saturday 12/20
From: 1pm-6pm Crown Valley Pkwy & Niguel Rd, Laguna Niguel

Prop 8 Peaceful Protest Rally - Lake Forest, Saturday 12/27
From: 1pm-6pm Trabuco Rd & Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest

Please bring everyone you know: Friends, Family, BF's, GF's, Etc. Lets make it a big Crowd! Bring signs, megaphones, whistles, etc. and keep this positive!

Wonder Man said...

great to see more of these events

Laurie said...

Hey...On the day
without gay....
can I take HALF
the day off?
Just wondering :)
Here's wishing


Anonymous said...

Light up the Night for Equal Rights
Fremont, CA
Intersection of Fremont Blvd/Mowry

Doc Marten said...

We had a CIVIL RIGHT yanked away, and you want us to be NICE? FUCK NICE. This is war. It's time we fought it.

John Bisceglia said...

This all seems like such a waste of energy. It is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT who needs to address our inequality, and a tax revolt may be the only way to have our citizenship taken seriously.
If you feel you are treated fairly, then pay your taxes; just don't expect all other Q's to pay for governmental persecution and hate.

Anonymous said...

$100 PRIZE

The San Diego Equality Campaign, which acts as the San Diego area Join the Impact Affiliate, is hosting a new logo design contest. There are no residency or age restrictions.

For complete details and to enter the contest, please visit:


Anonymous said...

In order to have something taken away, it has to given in the first place.

Besides, you haven't had the priviledge to marry taken away from you. You can marry, as long as it is the opposite sex, by definition. Nuptials between homosexuals is different, just as their relationships are. I'm not saying they are wrong, or even not worthy of recognition in the government, they are just different therefore deserve a different title, as with everything.

Why not create a new way to unite in monogamy and call it something else and heterosexual couples would not be able to participate in it? It would be distinctly a homosexual experience that would be equivalent to marriage? Why make one better than the other? Why can't they be equal and different in their own right. We respect you, you respect us.

And Civil Rights issue? Nigga please. I'm sorry, you can't compare what is happening to you to what happened to my ancestors and what us and the other minorities are going through.

I did my research, take a look at these criterias that qualify to be a distinct minority status in America. NONE OF WHICH THE HOMOSEXUALS FIT.

"Shortly after passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the U.S. Supreme Court began to issue (and reaffirm) a series of Civil Rights decisions which soon added limitations (to counterbalance the incentives) to the process of seeking suspect class status. In essence, the High Court put a "fence" around suspect status, in the interest of ensuring that the status remain open only to disadvantaged, politically powerless classes that truly needed government protection. The High Court did so by establishing three criteria[16] by which prospective suspect classes might be evaluated, and by which some failing to meet the qualifications might be fenced out if necessary:

Criterion #1: Prospective suspect classes should have experienced a history of severe societal oppression, evidenced by an entire "class-averaged" lack of ability to obtain economic mean income, adequate education, or cultural opportunity.

Criterion #2: Prospective suspect classes should, "averaged" as entire classes, clearly demonstrate political powerlessness.

Criterion #3: Prospective suspect classes should exhibit obvious, immutable, or distinguishing characteristics, like race, color, gender or national origin, that define them as discrete groups."

Anonymous said...

To Ronique James-

For someone who claims to have done their research, you certainly missed a few key factors in this whole situation.

First- the right to gay marriage HAD BEEN GRANTED TO US BY THE SUPEME COURT IN CA. THIS RIGHT WAS THEN TAKEN AWAY BY PROP 8. That sounds to me like something that was given in the first place being taken away.

Second- You say that marriage between homosexuals is different and therefore should be equal to straight marriage but called something else out of "respect?". Did you ever hear that little ditty called "SEPARATE BUT EQUAL"? It wasn't a very popular tune.

Well, interracial marriage, which was illegal until 1967 looks different, but is legal now and is called marriage. Those who are fertile and marry enter the same institution as those who are infertile and will never have children. Those two examples of marriage are very different, but are called the same thing. Some people who marry also CHOOSE not to have children. They are not hunted down and told that their marriage needs a new definition and title because they don't fit the mold of two heteros marrying for procreation. When two black people marry, it doesn't LOOK the same as two white people, but they don't call it something else. Many women marry way past the age of childbearing. Its still called marriage. Why do you think that gay marriage is so different? Is it because it doesn't look the same? Is it because of the inability to procreate. Or, is it most likely based in predjudice you hold against a minority group?

Third- think about what you are saying. You say that we DO have the right to marry, just as long as its someone of the opposite sex. That is really WRONG. That is like telling someone in 1955 who is black and in love with a white person, "What's your problem, you can still marry someone as long as they're black". How about the right to marry who you love? THIS IS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT!!! This is not something to be determined by the right wing religious majority. DO YOU GET THAT?

Fourth-IT IS A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSSUE. PERIOD. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. It may be hard for you to believe, but blacks are not the only people who ever suffered on this planet. You may have done some research on minority status qualifications, but you did not do ANY research into what it is like to be gay in this world.

Just to educate you, sexual orientation is NOT A CHOICE. Is is something you are born with. You may not agree with this, but you are not gay (or so you say as you spend your time visiting gay sites saying "nigga please"). So, how would you know what it feels like to be gay?

Therefore, to be discriminated against and told you can't marry the person you love because of something you were born with is no different than being being discriminated against because of color or gender. It is NO different.

Women are called a minority. They are roughly 50% of the population. They had been denied the right to vote. Think about it. If this had been put a vote, do you think that men(the only voters at the time) would have voted to give women that right? NO, they wouldn't have. They would have used the bible to say that women are the property of men and are to obey men. Luckily this wasn't put to a popular vote.

Blacks did not have the right to vote. If this had been put to vote in the South, they still wouldn't be voting. DO YOU SEE THAT?

FIRST CRITERION- Should have experienced a history of severe societal oppression.

Okay- do you think we don't fit that criteria? Are you out of your mind? We are the only group I can think of that practically all religions shun. We were rounded up by nazis just like the Jews. We are the only group I know of who are routinely turned away by their families just for being who they are through no fault or choice of their own. For all of history we have had to hide our selves away in fear and shame, mostly do to religious based bigotry, ignorance and the threat of violence. Gays are bashed in this world both verbally and physically every day. The " MORAL majority" does not care and there are no strong laws against this.

FIRST CRITERION CONTINUED.... lack of opportunity to obtain income, education or cultural opportunity.

It may appear that we had all of these. Yes, as long as no one asks and we don't tell. If we live shameful lives and hide ourselves and tell lies, we can survive. Throughout history, homosexuals have been fired from jobs (and still are) just for being who they are. They definitely don't get hired in a majority of situations if they are honest about themselves.

I would think you could see how wrong that is. Your argument seems akin to: Light skinned blacks who could pass for white never had any problems so why are the rest of them complaining.

CRITERION 2- POLITICAL POWERLESSNESS- We do have the right to vote. So do blacks and women these days, but they are still minority groups. They haven't given up that status. Latinos and Asians consider themselves as oppressed minorities. How are gays more politically powerful than any of the aforementioned groups? I would say we are way more underrepresented in government than any other group. Unless you consider all of the closeted gay Senators and Representatives who have marriages of convenience. But, unfortunately they never fight for us because they are too afraid of the truth about themselves being public knowledge. Maybe they are afraid, because they are aware of the unbridled prejudice that they would face and the certain loss of their jobs. Jobs they never would would have been elected to if they had been honest about their sexuality.

I think that takes care of "oppression, economic means and political powerlessness".

CRITERION THREE- obvious, IMMUTABLE, "OR" distinguishing CHARACTERISTICS "like" race, color, gender or national origin.

Well, as we all know some of us are more obvious than others, Next.

IMMUTABLE CHARACTERISTICS- Our sexuality is immutable. this is a genealogical fact of life for homosexuals. "Immutable" is something that cannot be changed or altered. That 's us.

The most important word here is "OR". If the group in question does not satisfy the "obvious" or "immutable" qualifications, THEN they move on to race, color etc.

BUT, WE ALREADY QUALIFY, so we don't have to worry about that part.

Maybe you don't think of Jews as a minority. They are not a race. Its a religion. A CHOICE plain and simple. As with people of all religions, they are not obvious and have NO immutable characteristics. How do they fit any of the three criteria? Yet, their are laws that have been enacted to protect people from being discriminated against based on their religion, WHICH IS A CHOICE. But, choice or not, they DESERVE that protection.

The only real criterion Jews meet would be a history of societal oppression. They are a larger group internationally than homosexuals, but percentage wise have not suffered greater oppression than gays. They never have to fear the day their families find out that they are Jewish. How many black kids do you know that live in total fear of telling their family " Mom, Dad.... I'm black".

The reason you don't like having black people equated to gays is that you think gays are not equal to you as human beings. You, along with many members of certain minority groups, enjoy having someone to push around who is less powerful than you are. YOU ARE PREJUDICED. YOU are part of THE PROBLEM and not part of the solution. This country is founded in HARD WON equality. You of all people should know that.

SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way- Just what are you "going through" right now as a minority group?

Oprah is the highest paid woman on the planet. BLACK and a WOMAN.


EL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EL said...

Great list. THANKS!

How to challenge The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the “Mormon” or LDS Church) tax exempt status:

Anonymous said...

Hello Steven. Thank you for your response, and thank you for your expression on your opinion.
I don't think you are less of a human being, that is clearly your paranoia. I think you are a human being, equal to me, who is blinded by anger and attacking others simply because they don't agree.

No, I am not gay. But, Don't assume to know me sir. And don't assume to know my life or what I have been through and CERTAINLY DO NOT BE SO IGNORANT TO ASSUME YOU HAVE IT "HARDER" THAN OTHERS. That your "opression" is greater than minorities. Its rough all around baby, its incredibly childish to think no one has it worse than you, not to mention pitiful.

First off. The world doesn't revolve around you. The world doesn't revolve around gay people. Sorry. It doesn't sweetheart. You can kick, and scream all you want, but there are bigger issues in our nation at hand and we as Obama said, need to focus on coming together for those reasons first.

Second, I voted on Prop. 22, I voted yes. And guess what? That was taken away from me. Before anything was taken from you, MY RIGHTS, MY BELIEFS were violated. And for what? So you could be married. So you could trample on others beliefs and make yourselves happy.So that a small percentage of the population could be happy, compromising the rest of us. That isn't how democracy works.

SHAME ON YOU! Stop being so self centered!

No, this isn't a civil rights issue. Those were the criteria to legally count as a minority status here in America. Because it has never been scientifically proven that gays are born with their sexual orientation, that is a very weak argument. Besides, where did you get that idea honey? Could it be from scientist Simon LeVay? The results of his scientific research were never confirmed.

"How sexual orientation evolves is a debatable question, but that it can (and does) change is a well-observed fact. A recent study by the gay- friendly Kinsey Institute found that 84% of homosexuals and 29% of heterosexuals shifted or changed their "sexual orientation" at least once in a lifetime; 32% of homosexuals and 4% of "straights" reported a second shift; and 13% of homosexuals and 1% of heterosexuals claimed at least five changes in sexual orientation during their lifetimes.

The scientific literature indicates that homosexual feelings are more frequent than homosexual behavior and that same-sex behavior is more frequent than lasting homosexual identification.

Five years after publishing our study, a follow- up of patients showed that the one-third whose adaptation had shifted to heterosexuality remained so. And we have personally followed some patients for as long as 20 years who remained exclusively heterosexual.

Treatment using dynamic individual psychotherapy, group therapy, aversion therapy, or psychotherapy with an integration of various logical principles will produce object-choice reorientation and successful heterosexual relationships in a high percentage of persons....Homosexuals can change their orientation."

There are plenty of gays, lesbians and bi-sexuals who would say they chose their lifestyle. A handful of homosexuals who disagree with you is enough to put a hole in the arguement that "you were born that way"

Example you ask? Sure, I happen to have a few gay friends who still have their minds intact.

"Remember that most of the line about homosex[uality] being one's nature, not a choice, was articulated as a response to brutal repression. "It's not our fault!" gay activists began to declaim a century ago, when queers first began to organize in Germany and England. "We didn't choose this, so don't punish us for it!" One hundred years later, it's time for us to abandon this defensive posture and walk upright on the earth. Maybe you didn't choose to be gay-that's fine. But I did."
-Lesbian activist Donna Minkowitz

Also, no you are not a minority group. People are oppressed for all matter of reason sugar.

Religion, being rich, being poor, liking chitlins or eating burritos, that don't make you a minority class because you chose to do those things. I chose to believe in God, so did the jews, and the christians who were thrown into lions dens for the entertainment of the Romans.

I know what its like to be oppressed. Especially when people are protesting outside of my Mormon's friends church, worried to death if she gets hurt or when movies like
"Religerous" come out. Not to mention, me and my kind are the O.G. opressed minority group. I know people who were beat for not knowing

But that is not why I chose the life I did. I know that not everyone will agree with my lifestyle nor should they...

As for disproving my "criteria" really? Because I have some outstanding facts, that would disagree that Homosexuals qualify as a minority.

Criterion #1:
Low Income, Inadequate Education, Lack of Opportunity

For decades homosexual activists have fostered the impression that gays are economically, educationally and culturally disadvantaged. Yet recent marketing studies, done by gay-run marketing agencies and boasting scientific accuracy above 99%, roundly refute those claims.
* Homosexuals have an average annual individual income of $36,800- $41,000, depending on which study one cites (an estimated 55% of gay individuals earn more than $50,000 per year), versus $12,287 for the general population and $3,041 for disadvantaged African Americans. Thus, gay individuals' average income is at least 300% higher than average Americans' and more than 1,200% higher than that of disadvantaged African Americans.
* More than three times as many gays as average Americans are college graduates (59.6% v. 18%)-a percentage dwarfing that of truly disadvantaged African Americans and Hispanics.
* 65.8 % of homosexuals are overseas travelers-more than four times the percentage (14%) of average Americans. More than thirteen times as many homosexuals as average Americans (26.5% vs. 1.9%) are frequent fliers.
* While, in 1989, 32.8% of African Americans lived below the poverty line ($8,343 annually for two-person households under age 65[18]), 62% of gay households earned more than the average American household, and more than 95% of gay households lived above the poverty line.[19]

Also, according to Michael's (et al) landmark survey Sex In America, self-identified gays and lesbians tend to be far better educated than the general population. Twice as many college men identify themselves as gay as do non-college men, and with lesbians, there is an even greater contrast. Women with college educations are eight times more likely than high school- educated women to identify themselves as lesbians.

Criterion #2:
Political Powerlessness

Far from being politically powerless, combining economic and educational advantage with high-pressure lobbying tactics, gay activists have ridden waves of tolerance emanating from the sexual revolution, plus the presumption that gays are some kind of "minority,"They have:

* Won passage of legislation granting homosexuals suspect-equivalent status in eight states, more than 135 cities across America, plus our nation's capitol.
* Secured political office both in the U.S. Congress and on numerous major U.S. city councils.
* Pressured the medical community to discard well-established public health measures and treat AIDS as history's first "politically protected" 100% fatal plague.
* Received benefits for "domestic partners" identical to those of married couples, and other kinds of preferential treatment in numerous major U.S. corporations.
* Implemented gay activist-created curricula representing homosexual sex as a "valid, healthy alternative" to heterosexuality.
* Gained ordination in mainline church denominations. Case in point: On April 1, 1991, a prominent Marin County, Calif., lesbian minister became a co-pastor of the Downtown United Presbyterian Church of Rochester, N.Y.
* Won National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grants for "works of art" that graphically portray homosexual sex and savagely ridicule traditional "family" and religious values.

As recently as 1987, a report issued by the Federal Elections Commission stated that "The Human Rights Campaign Fund" [HRCF], the national gay activist political action committee (PAC), was at that time the "16th largest independent political action committee (PAC) in the nation" and "the 39th largest PAC overall." Considering that more than 4,500 PACs had registered with the FEC at the time, this represents enormous political power.

Criterion #3:
Immutable Characteristics
More astounding is the enormous weight of evidence available from gay and lesbian activist sources that the issue of gay "innateness and immutability" is in serious doubt among gay activists themselves. According to "Queer Nation" pioneer Jonathan Ned Katz:

"Contrary to today's bio-belief, the heterosexual/homosexual binary is not in nature, but is socially constructed, therefore deconstructable."

Also, if I am walking down a hall, I can't hid that I am Black, automatically, people judge me. You? You can hid that you are gay alot easier.

It seems to be that you have become so blind in your anger that you have lost your sense for reason. Your flipping of societal ostracism has turned the whole Gay Rights campaign into a rage filled attack on anyone who disagrees. People will take you more seriously when you approach them with respect, take a step back and really think about what you want and what its worth.

You do have a choice, plain and simple like the Jews, Christians, Mormons, unlike blacks, hispanics and arabs.

P.S. Ellen Degeneres gets more television hits these days than Oprah.

*Some information derived from Anton Marco's article, Gay Marriage*

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronique James-

Wow, that was long. Even longer than mine.

First off-My name is Seven, not Steven (I'm sure that was an unintentional mistake), and certainly not "sweetheart", "baby" or "sugar".

Second- I am not "blind with rage" or "kicking and screaming". I am not attacking others for having a different opinion. You don't just have a different opinion. You, and countless others like you see yourselves as morally superior to gays and use what power you have to see that gays are not treated as equal in our society. I call it as I see it. You are a bigot. The opinions you have are hurtful and cruel. These opinions are definitely a choice. You choose discrimination. I don't appreciate that. Its that simple. I'm not attacking you by stating the facts.

Third- I am not self centered and I don't believe that the world revolves around me or gays in general. It would seem to me, given the amount of time you spend researching gays and on this gay site, that you are the one who thinks the world revolves around gays, not me.

Fourth- It is obvious that I will not change your mind about the "choice" issue. Apparently, having read some articles and not being gay yourself, you think that you know more about what it is to be gay than I do.

You know- even if it is a choice, what difference does that make? If two grown adults love each other and want to marry, why can't they? What's it to you? Who cares about minority status? I don't want to be thought of as part of an oppressed minority group anyway. I'll leave that to you as apparently it is the core of your identity. All I want is to be seen as an equal part of society. I have no desire to take anything away from you or from religious people.

And, I never said that gays have suffered More than ANY other group.

I just don't understand how you can't see that you sound just like the bigots in the south. They felt, and many there still feel, that segregation was God's idea. The bible says that races shouldn't mix. You know, the tower of Babel and all of that crap. That is why interracial marriage was not allowed. Religious people like you thought it was an abomination. That is also why they defended segregated schools and bathrooms etc.

Why did that upset blacks? The segregationists simply had a different opinion. Why attack them with ugly names like "racist" or "bigot".

I have ALWAYS supported black people and their fights for equality. I will continue to do so. My black friends, both gay and straight, love me as I love them and see me as equal and deserving of equality.

The truth is that you see US as sinful. You think we are an abomination unto the Lord and should never in any way be considered equal to you. That is hate and that is prejudice, plain and simple.

You say that you still have some gay friends who have not lost their minds. The fact that they are still friends of yours makes me doubt the validity of that statement.

You say that you ARE currently struggling with oppression. Your examples are:

---I"m worried about the safety of my friend whose mormon church is being protested."

HOW does that equate to oppression? That's ridiculous. Has she been hurt? Has anyone you know been harmed by gay protesters? Of course not. So, what's the problem. If they want to spend twenty million to take away our constitutionally granted rights, they will have to put up with some protests. Sorry. Their church is the obvious oppressor. How do our protests oppress YOU?

Next, you give the example of "Religulous". Well, the fact is that a film has come out that documents how moronic and stupid religion is. It merely states the facts. How is that oppressing to you? It may be embarrassing for you, but it is in NO way an example of oppression. John simply has a different opinion about religion than you do. I hope you'll live.

You yourself prove how stupid religious people are. How brilliant of you, with all of your history of deep dark oppression, to take the religion of the slave owner for you own.

Listen, if you REALLY want to see what oppression looks like. Just look at the history of all churches and their treatment of humanity in general. There you will find the southern christian slave owners,the segregationists, the Indian slaughterers, the witch burners, the Spanish mass murdering inquisitors, the polygamists, and those who decreed that women did not deserve the right to vote etc., etc., etc.

So, anyway, good job joining up.

Another question-

Why do you think that your religious views deserve respect? In what way have churches, ANY churches earned respect? Do you think that anyone who puts a cross on their roof really represents God? just because they say so? Why do you think that your church inspired beliefs should dictate national law in a country based on the separation of church and state?

And, just to let you know- this is a republic, not a democracy. If the majority felt that blacks should sit at the back of the bus and voted that way, would you think that was "Just the way it goes in a democracy"?

Lastly- You say you can't hide being black, but I can hide being gay. Well, I did that to a point where I was ready to kill myself. I felt so much shame and self loathing that I wanted to die . You see, I grew up around religious wackos like you and I believed their hateful lies. NOT ANY MORE. NEVER AGAIN. I WILL NOT HIDE. I WILL NOT BE ASHAMED. I WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR ANY MORE. I WILL NEVER LET MY SELF BE ANYTHING LESS THAN EQUAL, certainly not so that you can feel more comfortable.

I hope you wake up.


Christopher Sabino said...

No on Prop 8 Protest Rally - Long Beach
When: Tuesday 12/23
Where: Pacific Coast Hwy & E 7th St
Time: 2pm-6pm

Please bring everyone you know: Friends, Family, BF's, GF's, Etc. Lets make it a big Crowd! Bring signs, megaphones, whistles, etc. and keep this positive!

Anonymous said...

is anyone gonna go to this prop 8 rally in long beach this tuesday? i'd love to carpool! =)
email me

Anonymous said...


Christopher Sabino said...

No on Prop 8 Protest Rally - Long Beach
When: Monday 12/29
Where: Pacific Coast Hwy & E 7th St
Time: 2pm-6pm

Please bring everyone you know: Friends, Family, BF's, GF's, Etc. Lets make it a big Crowd! Bring signs, megaphones, whistles, etc. and keep this positive!

Anonymous said...

Hi! The web address for the San Diego DOMA march has changed. It is now:

Thanks and hope to see everyone there!

Tess Banko
San Diego Equality Campaign

Anonymous said...

Monday, January 19th

Million Person Equality March - Sacramento, CA
Capitol Building, Sacramento
Get your hotel reservations now. Sign up for teams:

This march is not happening - please remove from your list.
Thanks so much,

Jade - EAN

Walmartah Anita Bea Neutered said...

2nd Class Citizens…Sundance Film Festival 2009

The Sundance Film Festival is an annual, peaceful, diverse fellowship of all involved in our freedoms so long taken for granted in this country. The freedom to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, the innate creative gifts that are within all who work hard to produce documentaries, bring awareness to global social and economic as well as very important environmental issues. The ability to produce it as it is, not by how a church or religious organization deems proper. Sundance is the beacon of light for positive energy within all humans to do good. . This same ability for simple ordinary people to do good in times when it would be easier to ignore the pain and suffering of those in this world around us, allows us to better ourselves as a global community.
The Sundance Film Festival Spirit provides each of us the opportunity to give back and help make a tangible difference in the life of someone so very deserving. If just one more can of food, or clothing is donated to someone who is part of the record numbers of homeless families this year, then at least one good deed occurred. I challenge each of you this year to be the top philanthropist for the cause you believe in.
As an ordinary person who champions the underdogs in society, there comes also the fundamental realization that it is always wrong to discriminate and hate. The ability to also do impressive but small gestures of kindness. These were shown nationwide with food drives, and charitable actions in silent positive protest against the hate. Locally and nationally in the form of homeless assistance, help for working poor families, and other peaceful protests such as toy drives, and candlelight vigils. Although I may be a second class citizen, I am able to say that my domestic partner and I did something to help out my fellow human beings, and shelter animals this past year. I gave all that we could financially in 2008, and adopted three stray animals. I made an attempt to better the environment in which I am a part of thru recycling. I will continue to advocate for positive peaceful change, and continue charitable works.
We took care of our fellow man, the thing that churches are supposed to do instead of spending on hate campaigns. We helped also to take care of relatives who are not cared for properly by the State or Federal level health systems. For all those too poor to go to rest homes due to how programs are structured. Those two very elderly and severely disabled ladies, the joys of my life, who fall thru gaps in programs, on fixed income but unable to qualify for needed assistance. In President Obama I trust and hope for change, until then I will assist. Hopefully government will catch up to the needs of its people.
In these times of extreme human suffrage I ask only that people put aside their differences and come together peacefully to celebrate the power within that allows our diversity. The diversity that built a great nation and keeps Hollywood revived with entertainment. The diversity promoted and encouraged as most of Hollywood actually at least mentions same sex relationships. Whereas mainstream papers and some movie theater chains prevented any mention of the vague possibility that legitimate same sex relationships do exist, and have always existed throughout history.
I thank gay and straight men and women who in the past stood together and used the power of music to feed the world. When BANDAID rallied to support starving people in Africa it touched my life forever in a positive way. That deceased but not forgotten incredible member of royalty who left her mark on the planet by helping to remove land mines globally, in order to save innocent people caught in war zones. Of a special media entrepreneur who thought it was better to help stop the diseases of Malaria and A.I.D.s than to invest in capital gain. Of a lady who focuses on networking angels together and helping to end global illiteracy, and severe poverty in Africa.
I challenge all religious people to take care of their fellow man. I challenge all politicians to work on what fails in society currently, and what continues to cause suffrages. Sundance is inspirational to many people; I therefore challenge the brightest minds in independent film making and Hollywood to use the media as a way to promote positive peaceful social change.
I thank all of the G.L.B.T. community, straight people, and the many Hollywood Supporters for all they have done in an attempt to end the hatred of Proposition 8. I applaud each of the many national and local peaceful protests: food drives, toy drives, homeless assistance, and charity work. Thank you for all the good that you have done by your proven deeds in peaceful protest against the hate. Deserving of special recognition: Ellen, Wanda Sykes, Tom Hanks, and all who donated and got the word out! I thank all of those who stood up and said it is not right to treat people that way.

Hugs! Tom and Darin

Anonymous said...

I voted No on Prop 8. I regret it incredibly after seeing the way the Gay community reacted to their lose.

If we get a chance to vote again, I will definatly support Yes on 8 campaign. You guys are shaming yourselves, your nation, and your lifestyle. Learn some dignity for your own sake's. Stop the hate against other people for disagreeing with your lifestyle choice.

And to John the ex-cop, Thank you for sharing your story and for standing up for the type of gay people I know and love. It is good to know that not everyone has lost their minds. That was bold of you in the face of such ignorance!

After all, not every gay person agrees that Homosexual marriage is a good thing for this nation at this time, nor are they put off by civil unions. In fact, my friends want to fight for the civil union to have more power than they do currently, like how they do in England. Hell if Elton John is okay with it, so are we! ; D

And remember, PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL. Those who become boastful of themselves, soon learn what being humble means.

Walmartah Anita Bea Neutered said...

Anonymous said...

Title: Your Rights, Our Right, Equal Right Portest

Location: Saddleback Church, Lake Forest (Corners of Saddleback Pkwy & Portola Pkwy)

Date: 2/21/09

Time: 10am-4pm

Body: Make huge colorful eye catching signs, Bring Noise Makers, Drums, Whistles, Air Horns, LGBT Flags, State Flags, US FLAG, anything that can get peoples attention. Maybe Bring the News! Make Donations to the OC AIDS WALK 2009. Bring animals, friends, family, or at least drive by with your pride gear.

Contacts: , ,,

Anonymous said...

Title: Your Rights, Our Rights, Equal Rights Portest

Location: Saddleback Church, Lake Forest (Corners of Saddleback Pkwy & Portola Pkwy)

Date: 2/21/09

Time: 10am-4pm

Body: Make huge colorful eye catching signs, Bring Noise Makers, Drums, Whistles, Air Horns, LGBT Flags, State Flags, US FLAG, anything that can get peoples attention. Maybe Bring the News! Make Donations to the OC AIDS WALK 2009. Bring animals, friends, family, or at least drive by with your pride gear.

Contacts: , ,,

January 27, 2009 1:58 AM

SNT said...

Counter Protest in NC

Causes - Protest
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
11:00am - 1:00pm
Halifax Mall at the State Capitol in Raleigh.
16 W. Jones St.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good Prop-8 story from

Anonymous said...

Guys there is a great LGBT civil rights organization called the Empowering Spirits Foundation. They are very creative in how they approach this hot issue, in that they engage in service oriented activities in communities typically opposed to equal rights to foster thought and change for LGBT equality.

A friend of mine told me about it and I thought it was a great, positive approach to the issue. We had so much fun at the last event and it was great to give back to the community. Plus it was great to converse with others on the other side of the table in a way that wasn't confrontational.

Anyway, this can be such a heated issue and I thought this was a unique approach.

Anonymous said...

I really want to make the Philadelphia event. Anyone from the Boston/Providence area going?

Anonymous said...

Decision Day...Alert

-The decision on Prop 8 could come at anytime.
-Events are planned in your city.
-The time and place will be posted the night before the decision is made.
-Be ready to join in with short notice.

-Meeting place is usually one of the places you met at before and will probably consist of a march and rally as all other events have.

-The decision will decide if it is a celebration or a protest.

-Keep an eye out at (follow the red link to find events in your city).

-Decisions usually come out on Mondays or Thursdays at 10am, but may come out on another weekday.

-The California Supreme Court announces that they will release a decision 24 hours before it happens, so watch the news or keep an ear out.

-It is important that we come out either way.

Anonymous said...

Will it must be time to delete this site, no more rallies no more information no more anything. It was great well it lasted, so long
can't waste my time anymore.......

Teresa Krzywicki said...

Rally in the Valley 2: Prop 8 Protest!
Saturday May 30, 2009 2pm-7pm
Intersection of Ventura Blvd/Laurel Canyon in Studio City, CA
Facebook Event Page:

Please repost everywhere! THANK YOU.

Fearless Frost said...

As a heterosexual, this is my answer to the h8 devastation:
Please, I encourage everyone to join me in taking the pledge. Spread the word!!

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