Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Equality California Targets Blacks With New Marriage Equality Ad

Better late than never! Equality California is working on making inroads with the state's black community.

As same-sex couples who were able to legally marry last year celebrate their one-year-anniversaries, Equality California (EQCA) and Jordan / Rustin Coalition (JRC) are together launching an education and mobilization effort on the freedom to marry in LA's African-American communities. The effort includes a TV commercial, on-the-ground organizers and a dedicated field office, which will be based in South Los Angeles, a predominantly African-American community. "Jordan / Rustin Coalition is happy to partner with Equality California as we do the work to open the hearts and minds of all Californians, including those in the Black community, on the question of marriage for same-sex couples," said Ron Buckmire, JRC board president. "Our partnership includes a multi-media campaign, outreach and public education and even the nuts and bolts of staffing and supplies. I am confident that together we will see the day when full LGBT equality is restored to our state."

H/T to Joe My God.


T. R Xands said...

Aww, that was nice of them to remember that blacks can be gay too, maybe now they'll stop blaming us!

But in all seriousness I'm actually pretty happy to see that vid.

Queers United said...

so kind of them, but too little too late

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