Saturday, June 27, 2009

Open Forum: Gay Exorcisms

Bizarre attempts to de-gay people have been going on for years by fringe psychologists and religious people who subscribe to the so called 'ex-gay' movement. Attempts to alter sexual orientation have included but are not limited to electro-shock therapy, psychoanalysis, hormone therapy, aversion therapy, behavior modification, and hypnosis.

One of the more egregious claims by some religious groups is that homosexuality is the cause of some evil spirit holding the body. They operate under the misguided premise that homosexual demons can conquer bodies and that the devil can embody a person manifesting itself in homosexual behavior. They believe the only way to help this person is through an exorcism.

This has recently come to the spotlight and received nationwide media attention after a 16 year old was subjected to a gay exorcism at the Manifested Glory Ministries Church in Connecticut.

Below is a video of a new clip discussing the story:

Where does freedom of religion cross the line and become child abuse? The video above shows a minor being attacked physically and verbally while he is faint and vomiting. Are gay exorcisms freedom of religion or is this a new form of abuse that must be stopped swiftly?


Tari Akpodiete said...

people who think gayness needs exorcism are sick & sad, unfortunately, one of my brothers thinks 'the gay' can be prayed away. fortunately though, the 'pray away the gay' bro is NOT my gay bro, but my straight pastor bro who is otherwise a good guy. however, i have told him i won't tolerate his anti-gay talk.

M Jules Aedin said...

Considering that the APA's (Psychological, Psychiatric, and Pediatric) and the AMA and several other respected organizations have issued statements that attempting to change or suppress one's sexual orientation is harmful and can cause suicidal feelings and many other psychological problems, I think the government should step in on this issue in the way they have stepped in on not allowing children to be forced into marriages or polygamous arrangements in the Mormon church.

I mean, I'm all for polyamorous relationships if everyone involved is adult, aware, and consenting, but a child's parents forcing her in is WRONG, and so is subjecting a young person to things like this when they don't know they have any other options. If adults want to undergo this kind of crap, that's their decision, so long as they have ALL the information of what's going on and what options they have. Children and teenagers, on the other hand, are in a unique position to be pressured and coerced by adults who are in positions of 'authority' over them, even if it's only a subtle psychological pressure.

As a someone who went through 6+ years of "ex-gay therapy" (words I cannot say without derisive quotation marks and a roll of my eyes), this shit is damaging, and it shouldn't be allowed to be forced on children and teenagers.

Diane J Standiford said...

It is religious abuse. Hard lawsuit. The rest of us just need to keep putting out good examples. It sickens me.

Stephen said...

I have great compassion for this poor young man who is in the hands of religious fanantics.

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