Saturday, June 13, 2009

PROTEST President Obama's Broken Promises To the Queer Community

Many in the LGBT community are growing increasingly frustrated with Barack Obama's inaction on LGBT issues, and what is being seen as his administrations anti-gay decisions and actions.

The Gay Liberation Network will be protesting President Obama on Monday June 15th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago. Protesters are mad that Obama continues to enforce the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy barring gays from serving openly in the military. They are also outraged that the administration defended the Defense of Marriage Act in courts using some ridiculous claims and marriage equality opposition tactics. Some are also still mad about his giving a platform to anti-gay people like Rick Warren and Donnie McClurkin.

The GLN demands that President Obama:

*Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and come out for marriage equality

* Repeal Don't Ask / Don't Tell

* Legalize readily accessible needle exchanges to reduce HIV / AIDS transmission

* End faith-based initiative funding which allows for religious groups to discriminate against LGBT people

PROTEST President Obama's visit to Chicago:
10:30 AM – 12 noon
Monday, June 15
Hyatt Regency Hotel
151 E. Wacker Drive
(one block east of Michigan Avenue)



Anonymous said...

Make sure you let the DNC and all your elected officials know that if they don't support equal rights for gay Americans, you will contribute to, support, and vote for a moderate Republican and vocally encourage everyone to do the same. I am. The Democrats don't deserve to be in office if they refuse to fight inequality.

Anonymous said...

We are not "growing increasingly frustrated"


lets move forward to the next step shall we

Mewi said...

At least my conscious can be eased with the knowledge that I wanted Hillary Clinton and not Obama or McCain, thankfully I nulled my vote after Hillary was declared not to be running any longer ;[... I had been saying it since before he even became president... that he was a pretender politician.

Ah well the snake in the grass struck, I still had hopes nevertheless... What do we do now? Keep protesting? I'm so sick of protesting ;| lets just form a new country! lol


mysticzero said...

Seriously though... we really should start a new country. It's obvious this whole United States thing isn't working any more. I'm from Californa... life would be better here if we we're our own country.

Mewi said...

Obama through us under the bus but we never agreed to be mechanics!!!!

Trinity Dejavu said...

Don't forget immigration rights for same sex couples!

CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad this is being done. There needs to be more protests every time and every where that he speaks. He damn sure liked us when we were voting for him. There's an expression: "Don't expect much, and you'll never be disappointed." I didn't expect much from Obama, but I am very disappointed.

WhiteDwarfStar said...

Mewi -- what makes you think that H. Clinton would've been any better than Oblahblah on our issues?

And why is it still "Gay Liberation Network" and not "Queer Liberation Network"? (Not that I disapprove of the action, far from it.)

Bob Schwartz said...

WhiteDwarfStar, it's Gay Liberation Network because we identify with the Gay Liberation Front of the 1970s in its solidarity outreach to women, African Americans and the antiwar movement. GLN attempts to carry out that same solidarity with other struggles, believing that we cannot expect support if we don't give it. Are you listening Equality California?

Bruce said...

This issue goes way beyond the matter of LGBT rights. The Obama administration knows that no gay person or civil libertarian in his/her right mind would vote Republican, so they can continue to push us under as many busses as they please, with the hope of extending their power base somewhat into the religious right.
This sucking up to the radical right is not limited to gay issues. They're hogtying anti recession economic initiatives and blunting universal health care initiatives as well. Just to get a few Republican votes, which they don't need anyway.
What the administration doesn't recognize is that if they keep this up, the left will split, and the Republicans will take over again. After all, how can a gay person or any person who believes in social justice continue to support a party that is now working to deny us our rights?

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