Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tell CVS to Unlock Access to Condoms

In CVS stores across the country, condoms are kept locked in glass cases. Public health advocates criticize this practice, saying it creates a barrier which could decrease condom use.

Even more worrisome than CVS's practice of locking condoms is where those locked cases are located: locked condoms have been found disproportionately in minority areas.

With the disproportionate rates of HIV/AIDS among LGBT communities of color, it is appalling that CVS is making condoms less accessible to those who may be uncomfortable or fearful to ask an employee to unlock the case.

Sign the Cure CVS petition and tell them to stop this discriminatory and harmful practice by unlock the cases!


Anonymous said...

So they should just let people keep stealing them since condoms are one of the most pilfered things in a drug store? If they have to let people keep stealing them then they will surely have to raise their prices on them to cover the losses (as they are already I'm sure) and then everyone can complain that they are deterring use by raising prices.

The real problem is that purchasing condoms is seen as an embarrassing thing for many who want them, so they steal them to avoid the embarrassment of having to step up to the counter with them or ask for them.

I'm not sure how locking something that is stolen, even if they lock them up where they are most prevalently stolen, could ever be twisted into being discriminatory, but to me it sounds like economics and nothing more.

CrackerLilo said...

Rabbi Silverstein, I understand where you're coming from. As a little bi girl who was always braver than her high school boyfriend, I was *there*. I was really thankful for those gas station dispensers, myself. But there are other solutions--put a really obvious camera there, or put them within view of the pharmacists or cashiers. That way shoplifters can be detected and honest people don't have to cringe as they beg for the glass case to be opened--or go without.

I love CVS, but my wife and I can camp out in their cosmetics section and, of course, have no need for condoms. So I haven't noticed any glass cases in NYC stores. I'll certainly be looking now...and signing. Thank you for bringing this to peoples' attention.

Anonymous said...

Almost all CVS stores have electronic article surveillance in them. They really don't need to put them under glass. In my local CVS they're right out in the open.

Queers United said...

I just don't get why they can't use electronic surveillance like they do for other things. Certainly over the counter drugs can be pricey and easily stolen too, should they lock everything up? Why is this being done at higher rates in communities of color?

Even I sometimes feel awkward buying condoms, it is just one of those private things you don't want someone to see you and you don't want to be seen browsing for your selection. Imagine what a closeted gay youth feels like if they have to ask a store clerk.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the writer of this post is located but I've been visiting family in Virginia and I went to a CVS (we don't have them where I live), and the condoms were on an open shelf. I should know, I bought some.

Terry said...

The only people being discriminated against by CVS locking up their condoms are the damned thieves who steal from the store. This petition is dumber than dog $hit. Get a life folks!

T. R Xands said...

Lulz, everyone hates people of color, total fact. I should know, I am one. If you're saying the condoms in your local CVS are on full display then good for you, you either have one of the nice ones or you aren't living in a community with a predominantly minority population. I can assure you they aren't worried about ~thievery~.

If you're thinking it's not about racism, well, good, because nothing involving people of color (regardless of sexual orientation) is EVER about racism, it's purely within your privilege to think so. I mean, you know, locking up condoms isn't just hurting gays & lesbians or anything.

Phew, sorry if that came off extra bitter, I just woke up mad for some reason & reading preceding comments didn't help my day/night.

Queers United said...

It absolutely is racist and I am disturbed by the level of opposition to my post. How is it not racist that the locked condom displays are in black neighborhoods more so than white? This hurts those communities who are already vulnerable and have higher rates of infection.

Anonymous said...

Mabey if minorties stop stealling condomes, then they wouldn't be locking them up in Minority Areas.

Buisness wise, it makes sense to lock up your inventory if it's prone to shoplifting.

it's not prejudice or racism, it's protecting your buisness and assets against potential revenue loss.

what is this story doing on QUEERS united anyways?

T. R Xands said...

Obviously queer people of color don't exist in Anonymous's mind, thanks for that reminder. I swear I give up, you can't explain anything to people who don't want to understand.

CrackerLilo said...

@ T. R Xands, my sympathies.

Of course this is a health issue, and of course it's racist if this happens in neighborhoods with more racial minorities rather than less.

Some people don't get the UNITED part of "Queers United," obviously.

Sapphocrat said...

Heh... In our neck of the woods (San Francisco Bay Area), the condoms are on open racks (right along with "warming" KY Jelly, and those tiny, single-finger vibrators), while the Nicoderm (which would be a lot harder to nick) is behind locked glass. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

It's not like Queer people or Minorities are being banned from Buying Condomes, all you have to do is ask the cashire to unlock the case and get some for you, it's not very hard, I don't see how that's anymor eembarassing then handing the cashire a pack of condomes to scan during checkout. What's more embarassing is getting caught shoplifting comdomes, then going to jail & getting your mugshot taken, then having it on your perminate record. If people were being banned from buying condomes, then this would be a diffrent issue, but no one is being banned. This is a complete non-issue and should be on this site at all.

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