Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger Seeks Input on Harvey Milk Day

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is asking for public opinion on the Harvey Milk Day bill (SB 572) which would honor the slain gay rights hero. Last year the governor under conservative pressure vetoed the bill and is facing similar pressure and scrutiny from the religious right.

Please call the Governors office and follow the automated message to show support 916-445-2841

The governor has also requested people contact him with their opinions via twitter.


Anonymous said...

I just called! :)
I wish there was a Facebook contact link!

Anonymous said...

Harvey was a courageous leader who showed the world that ALL people need to be respected. We have few heros today. Harvey was a hero and needs to be honored.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Ted Kennedy isn't alive to give his input to the governor!

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