Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Equal Love - Nov 28th Australian Marriage Rallies

The Australian Senate is due to release a landmark report on same-sex marriage and activists across the nation will be demonstrating on November 28th for marriage rights through the Equal Love campaign two days after the expected report comes out. The rallies will either express enthusiasm and call for government adoption of the report or will express outrage at the reports findings.

Rallies will be taking place in the following five cities:


November 28, 1pm
State Library


November 28, 1pm
Sydney Town Hall


November 28, 11am
Parliament House


November 28, 1pm
Garema Place, Civic


November 28, 1pm
Queens Park, City
(Opp. Treasury Casino)

In the mean time sign the petition to the Prime Minister demanding marriage equality.


Mikhail Silverwood said...

The August 1 rally was truly amazing. We had over 10,000 people Australia-wide; 5,000 in Melbourne. Some people say that this was a record for the most people to attend a same-sex marriage rally in Australia.

A great majority of these people were in their 20s and 30s and teens. The tide is turning in Australian politics; the liberal youth are pushing the country to the left, demanding that equal rights should be available to same-sex couples. It's absolutely fantastic to see.

Neither Labor or Liberals support same-sex marriage; we have no other choice but to continue to protest and pressure them until they act.

In case people are wanting to know: there will be a post-rally meeting.
The rally will start at the state library and end near Parliament house; a very short walk from there (cnr of Bourke and Spring) is the Imperial Hotel.
Upstairs, at 3pm, there will be a meeting 'Sexuality and Capitalism: Why the system is to blame for homophobia?'
More or less, it will be a speech by the NUS Queer Office Liam Byrne. In political activist circles, Byrne is a very well-known gay rights campaigner; he gave a speech on August 1 in Melbourne just before the march.
Everyone should come to the meeting.

Mikhail Silverwood said...

Check out my blog for my report on the event and with some photos:

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