Monday, November 23, 2009

Fox News Takes Side Against Gay & Trans Inclusive Sex Ed

In a segment called the Fox News 'Medical A Team' hosted by Trace Gallagher the discussion topic centered around a new magazine for teens called Sex Etc. The controversy was around the fact that the sex education magazine was allowed to stay on the shelves of an Iowa library even after 100 parents signed a petition against it.

The panel like most on Fox News, took a completely one sided opinion, that being that sex education has no place, and that it should be simply up to parents. Furthermore the panel takes issue with the queer content.

Dr. David Samadi (Fox News Medical Contributor) says "I'm not sure what kind of transgender information is out there but it is a little bit upsetting"

Followed by a comment from Dr. Cynara Cooner (Fox News Medical Contributor) who asserts that "not every parent wants their child to understand transgender, lesbian and gay issues"

The segment is ended with Dr. Manny Alvarez (Fox News Senior Medical Contributor) who admits that "STD rates are astronomical among teens, but that this type of magazine isn't good"

Tell Fox News that "fair & balanced" means actually representing both sides of a debate, tell them to cover pro-sex education and pro-LGBT doctors and educators.
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Jessica Sideways said...

This isn't news but it is still shocking how Fox News wants people to remain alone, in the dark...

Hannah said...

What is the point in getting rid of Sex Education at all?
If parents have issues then they can write a letter of consent saying they do not want their child in that class. I KNOW that there definitely are people out there who are very uncomfortable with homosexuality but really? Why does it matter? Just get over it and shelter your child some more by pulling them out of class. Let them find out the hard way by learning from their classmates instead of a professional educator. Thanks FOX news for being fair! :D

Sabertooth Screaming Lemur said...

"not every parent wants their child to understand transgender, lesbian and gay issues"

Come right out and say it, guys. Thanks for admitting that you want your kids to grow as bigoted and ignorant as you are. I feel sorry for their offspring.

Kenny said...

We all know where Fox Spews is coming from and it's not going to change as long as they keep pulling in the ratings. If everyone would just ignore them and the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck their ratings would plunge and they would fade away back into the muck they came from.

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