Friday, December 18, 2009

Open Forum: LGBT/Queer Personals List

Are you LGBTQIA or a straight ally but single and looking to mingle? Well here's your chance to meet someone else who also cares about queer culture and rights. This personals/dating post is open to all sexual orientations and gender identities and is non-location specific.

*Entries will only be accepted if they are in the order below and no personal information will be accepted.

Your Location: where in the world you are

Your Description: your physical and personality traits, gender identity, sexual orientation

Your Ideal Match
: what you are looking for in a partner(s)

: email, profile link, screen name

Who knows? Thousands of readers come here from all parts of the world. Maybe your match is one of them! Good luck.


Wwjbrickd said...

I guess I'll be a trendsetter and go first haha
I live in rural North Carolina in the US until next summer when I'll be moving to Charleston.
I'm just your average genderqueer nerd I like Star Trek, crossdressing, and cute guys among other things. If I were an action figure my catchphrases would be: "let's take naps", "hypothetically speaking...", and "he's cute". I'm a transvestite homosexual make though I'd much rather you just call me queer or even better Josh.

My ideal match is a blatino drag queen scene kid haha but more realistically I like nerdy guys who don't have a problem with the fact I have an obsession with heels.

I'm a social media dork so contacting me is the easy part my screen name is wwjbrickd on pretty much every messaging client and social media site known to man (that means yes you can contact me on skype, twitter, aol, yahoo, googletalk and wave to name a few)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, I'll go.
I am a... wait. That's not as easy as I thought it would be.
Physiologically am a sexy woman.
But I wear steal-cap boots and have a Rottweiler. And generally a rather manning style.

Psychologically... Well. let's make a spectrum.
and I would be there:
So I guess that I am a little genderqueered, but but still identify mostly with women. And I also wear (rock-style) make-up.

My sexuality is... Well, pansexual. But I do tend to like dykes. A lot. I find Shimizu to be HOT AS HELL for instance. Although my most lasting relationship was with a gay man who hit on me thinking I was a slim and effeminate boy, and decided not to back off when he realised I was a boobless and boyish girl.

...Ok, I am a little strange. But yeah. Any takers?

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