Sunday, May 3, 2009

Right to Save Campaign - May 16th

Support the end of government sanctioned discrimination! - Help Change the FDA's current Policy!

The FDA currently has a policy that states “Men who have had sex with other men, at any time since 1977 are currently deferred as blood donors.” This means that a male who has had sex with another male even one time since 1977 is banned for life from donating blood. This policy was written in 1983, Twenty-five years later this policy is not only medically and scientifically unwarranted, it is also discriminatory.

The Right to Save campaign will provide training, assist in building your local coalitions, help design materials to assure a consistent message, work with you on media outreach, and support you as needed throughout this action. To be a local leader, no past experience or resume is required. You just need passion, a willingness to outreach to others, and the dedication to follow-through.

If you would like to organize a city for the national action on May 16th 2009, email or call at 623-262-6696.


CrackerLilo said...

Thank you. This is great! I am a bisexual woman who has received nine pints of donor blood; I would not have been afraid to receive some from the bisexual man I dated for a few years, or from my bi and gay male friends. It can be tested for AIDS and hepatitis. That should be the policy, not discrimination.

Think I'll see what's going on in NYC!

SO Katie said...

I have a bleeding disorder, and I have to say I think this policy stinks. The quesiton should not be with whom you've had sex, but how many partners one has had.

I wouldn't want to accept blood from a girl who was having sexual intercourse with everyone and anyone ... and most of my gay male friends are pretty prudish.

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